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There are no rules which say an employer cannot ask your birthday and it would be almost impossible  to know if your age has anything to do with being suitable for a job until at least, the interview process is further along. - Facts About Age Discrimination


Accentuate your skills on the application.  

Good,Luck,on your job search.



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Have you had to look for a job lately and on the application they ask for your birthday ?  Is that the way they got around asking your age ?

Also, if anyone in the Maryland area is looking for a smart intelligent, loyal employee, get in touch with me.  I am having a horrible time procuring employment .  I don't need a hand out, I need a hand up.


My skill sets are awesome, yet I don't get any interiews or even phone cakls.  Please, if someone out therre can help please contact me <removed to protect your privacy>


Thank You all very much

I have to get out of thhis house.

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