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Is it possible to set up a new My Social Security account?

My Mom (in her 80's and never good with computers) had originally set up a My Social Security account online, but now 2 things have happened: 1) she has forgotten her password and 2) she no longer has the e-mail account that her My Social Security account was set up under, as SSA would use that address to send her the lost password instructions.  Can a new My Social Security account be set up by her?  I suspect no, but I am just trying to avoid the lengthy wait time to explain this to the SSA over the phone. 


The reason she needs to get in to her account is that she lost her SSA 1099 form and needs to request a new one.


Any advice would be appreciated - thank you in advance.

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You wrote, "The reason she needs to get in to her account is that she lost her SSA 1099 form and needs to request a new one."


Use this link and read the info at the bottom of the page, Still have questions?,  which provides a Toll free number you can call to ask about a copy of the SSA 1099.

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Thank you!

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 Sorry i tried to delete my post but, as is obvious, i can't figure out how so am making my apology in place of.  :smileyfrustrated:

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I have a working MySocialSecurity account and I just performed an experiment: I went to the log-in screen, clicked option that I forgot my user name, then I had to enter my (1) email address, (2) SSN, and (3) birthdate. I entered correct values except for the email. I was presented with an error message:


"We cannot verify the information you provided.
  Please correct your information and try again."

There were no other options provided. So I assume you will have to call the Administration. Probably first thing in the morning is best.


Good luck.

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Thanks so much FredSmif for your help here!

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