AARP Entrepreneurship !

Entrepreneurship has many definitions and purposes. Many believe it is for a new business, which is accurate. But it many more purposes for us


  • Creating - Ideas and solutions for common day problems 
  • Competing- The AARP Challenge - Our own program for Ideation and Pitching 
  • Mentoring New business and start up teams around the world  
  • Engaging with all types and levels of Entrepreneurs that need our support

Based on my experience in start-ups, as well as my work at Babson College and MIT, I would like to hear from you regarding your thoughts and ideas about these items.


Ageless Entrepreneurship is here!   


Professor Pete 


Many in the "Baby Boomer" group are looking into ways to be their own boss and not retire.  I am one of them in an Encore Career.- a career after a career. The issue for many is coming from a job mindset to seeing if entrepreneurship is possible.  It is still called work!  However, it is the mindset of confidence, reviewing habits and instilling new habits.  My comany has a system that is in place to be followed for success.  It is not just about earning contiuing money but a lifestyle of freedom which being an entrepreneur affords.  However no age to stop or income cap is what excites me to keep going each more make sure I'm ok then be able to help others in this journey to finish strong and create a legacy for our lives and the generations to come. Being a mentor as an entrepreneur and being mentored by successful entrepreneurs has been the link to see the success possibilities.  Don't Retire!!  #retirement #entrepreneurship #babyboomers #ownyourfuture #maxout


Thank You 

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