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Top of the morning to everyone on this 1st day of July 2024.
Happy Birthday to all of our July Birthday members.






Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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[7/18/24] Thanks @catwoman500  💃💃💃


Hello SummerIsTooHOT,
catwoman500 thinks your post is awesome and just gave you kudos!

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[7/18/24] Thanks @MsStretch  💃💃💃


Hello SummerIsTooHOT,
MsStretch thinks your post is awesome and just gave you kudos!

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📰   My Porchers  @catwoman500 @MsStretch  @Frozenoem @LaDolceVita


▶️*** [7/19/24] HAPPY FRIDAY  💃💃💃  Lol Dolce, I appear and you disappear. HOPE you, hubbie and the farm animals - yes, furbabies and chickens are well. BIG BRO, wishing you and Ms. Stretch and Catwoman an AWESOME WEEKEND.


▶️*** [7/18/24] HAPPY THURSDAY Porchers!!!  💃💃💃


Lol, I do have some news!!!


Cat news for Ms. Stretch, Computer News for BIG BRO and my PBS complaint for Catwoman and Dolce.


📸  Attachments  📸


[1] Changed Mr. No Name to Mr. and apparently Ms. G's son has taken over her place. Now I do see her car randomly. I have a 6am alarm set to feed you know who. He refused to sleep in his megamansion and I moved his water inside. Too hot. His food comes out, also inside when he stops by. His favorite spot is under my car. That's my boy.


[2] Well, AARP has not shut me out again from posting and grateful. Lol, latest - top of my screen says I need to sign in/register. But the My Profile TAB thankfully is there. Alot of us could not post, but sign in last month for weeks due to this TAB disappearing.


[3] Maybe I am old but the last episode of Grantchester went over my head. Watched it twice and still  🤔???


Watching Professor T out of nothing else to watch.


Okay dokie, Ms. Cave Spring - Virginia signing off....



Nicole  👵






Honored Social Butterfly

Hey everyone.  Really nothing new to report other than to reiterate the heat and humidity. Yes, @Frozenoem , climate change is here and it's real. 🥵


Some of you might remember the turtle 🐢 who showed up on my deck last year to imbibe in the furkids' leftovers.  I posted a pic or two.  Trudy is back!  I had marked her shell with a spot of fingernail polish and it is her!  Otherwise, the chickens next door get the leftovers.  And in return, I get fresh eggs.🥚  Can't beat that.  I had offered to pay for them, but the neighbor said just throw the chickens some leftovers now and again, and I asked even cat food?  Oh yeah, they love pecking at those seafood shreds and assorted crunchies mix. 🐔


And our resident raccoon showed up with a baby in tow recently.  My neighbor/landlord leaves crunchies on their deck, so this goldish-colored raccoon has become a regular visitor.  I've seen Giorgio bop her on her head, but no harm done.  They tolerate each other, sometimes ignoring each other.


So there's my update -- wild critters.  Thinking recently it's a nice time to become a hermit oblivious to the world, but I keep forgetting to turn off those darn news alerts on my phone.


Doctors?  Don't even want to go there, but wishing everyone the best for the travails they are going through.  It sucks. 


Speaking of wild critters, I'm going back to watching the bear cams at Katmai🐻🦈, my current guilty pleasure and diversion.  (Don't ask me how I became one of 'those bear peeps'. 😁)

Gold Conversationalist

Hi @MsStretch

Always glad to see your post here....& (in spite of having to put up with the heat and humidity) hope you’re doing well!👍😊


BTW: Yertle the Turtle....asked me, to ask you,....if ya think that YOUR Turtle..... 🐢Trudy 🐢 ...might be,...ya know...‘available’ for dating? Hahahaaa

Yertle the TurtleYertle the Turtle



And to you...& all my other BEST PORCH PEEPS: Dave @DaveMcK @LaDolceVita @catwoman500 Froze! @Frozenoem & Lee @LeeS4949 (& others of course) Please have a wonderful week too!

Stay safe....&...KEEP COOL...& HYDRATED!

Take care all y’all friends!

☮️🚤🌄🍦  ~Allen 🌈   🎨 🛶

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@MsStretch ...I do remember your turtle! 🐢

Other than the groundhog that lives under my shed, not much wildlife news. Too hot for the critters? Yesterday morning a deer ran across the street...young doe by the looks of her. Last month I heard foxes SCREAMING in my back yard, but that was only a one-night thing.

Goldfinches are feasting on my coneflowers, and something is eating one of my plants. I have 6 pots of the same plant, but whatever critter it is seems to like only the one pot.


More storms coming but looks like relief from the heat will get to us by Friday!


@Therapist4u ...Thanks for the belated birthday wishes. 😺

Yep...First thing I thought of when I heard Ingrid sing was Roseanne! UGH!


Hang in there, All!

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Yesterday evening was another very stormy evening here in Southern Wisconsin.

Heavy rain and winds as high as 80 mph which are strong enough to take the rooftop of a house.

We got the rain with 60 mph winds.

Today we will not see any rains with the possibility sunny skies this afternoon.

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Trusted Social Butterfly


Hi there Porch Peeps!

   We are now heading into our third heat wave this summer. It has been brutal as I’m sure a lot of you know. We’re not talking 3-day heat waves, but endless days and weeks with maybe a one- or two-day break to the high 80’s and if we were lucky a break in the humidity. I don’t really remember a summer in a long while with this non-stop “wet blanket hitting me in the face” weather as I open the door. Haven’t even been able to enjoy my porch that much. Dread getting my electric bill this week.

At this moment it is 99, feels like 106. UGH!


Sounds like we are not only being hit with ugly weather, but ugly health stuff. Sorry to hear about everyone’s troubles.

@Therapist4u …have had gel shots. Meh 😶

@Frozenoem ... had stair glides put in to upstairs and basement. Can’t do the steps.

PT had me doing several step exercises, and I still do them at home begrudgingly.

@DaveMcK ... On the 4th, went out to eat and went back to one friend’s house to play games.

@LaDolceVita …I also hate going to the doctor!


Did the birthday thing last month with a bunch of lunches with different friend groups. Just had the last one this past week.

One cute thing…as I was talking to one of the deli ladies at my Acme, she had asked me which birthday it was. When I said, “76,” this young thing at the other end of the deli whipped around, miss-hearing the 76 and she said, “96????” I laughed and said, I may feel like 96, but it’s just 76.”

And let me tell you, this weather can make anyone feel decades older!


Please, all of you take care and stay hydrated!


P.S. Anyone catch the fiasco rendition of the National Anthem at the All-Star Home Run Derby? OMG!

Gold Conversationalist

Hi, @catwoman500

....glad to see your post here...& hope you’re doing well!


Last things 1st....LOL!


RE: The “fiasco”..I just had to research this & when I saw a few headlines... like “Ingrid Andress says she was drunk, going to rehab....”  I was curious to hear how bad it was...then I thought back to another infamous horrible butchering... courtesy of ...”Roseanne Barr's off-key, crotch-grabbin..” etc. ....& that was enough...not to ever want to hear that.... or anything insulting to All of us..& to our ears....HAHAHAA


RE: ugly weather...YA ...SEEMS it’s contagious... for all us Porch Peeps!


RE: your birthday...sorry I’m late in wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. CAT!

But I had an excuse.....





As always, ... Stay safe....&...Take care!

☮️  🚤  🌄🍦  ~Allen 🌈   🎨 🛶

Trusted Social Butterfly

@Therapist4u   I am laughing at your question about bravery in going to doctor.  I am a chicken and that is why I hate going to the doctor.  I guess no-one really likes going.  I feel like a whiner, knowing you and Froze have been through and still going through the mill.   I did make an appointment to begin the annual testing procedure week after next.  I feel like I would like to have calcium score because I have been on lowish carb high fat diet for 15 years.  Cholesterol tends to go up with age and bone density goes down.  So will have bone scan  also.  


Where are the ladies on the Porch?  @MsStretch,@SummerIsTooHOT  and Catwoman, please report in.

Honored Social Butterfly

Geez it’s hotter than that dbl. hockey sticks place, or at least in my little backwater.>90* and dew points, honestly can say it felt like Phoenix for a week.Only major difference rain & thunderstorms daily.


Still haven’t put A/C on but, that will change soon with more temps in the 90”s.August temps in July in the mountains of Maine (yeesh).


Fourth of July was pleasant with rain and boomers.

No kids blowing digits off or animals being spooked.

Spent the holiday at Old camp and returned yesterday?


Have to avoid sunshine for 2 weeks, new script.Note-

to weather gods stay in 90’s no problem.When weatherstripping on garage doors melt to concrete, it could be a sign.


Stay hydrated y’all


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

HI Froze! @Frozenoem

Howz ya health?...other than havin to stay outta da light?

Just the last week....I’ve seen my Pain management Doc, my PCP, & 3 new Orthopedic Surgeons....gotta shot in my hand, ...hip, ...back ...& knees....

So many holes.....I leak when I drink water.... LOL!

This pic is my knee gel shots waitin for me!

my knee gel shots waitin for me!my knee gel shots waitin for me!


RE: “Still haven’t put A/C on”...well...we’ve not only had ours on most days since early May, but while I, & many in my area, have decent Home A/C systems...we also need window A/Cs for 2nd floors.... that retain heat... even at night! Let’s compare our electric bills side by side...HAHAAA

RE: “Geez it’s hotter than that dbl. hockey sticks place, or at least in my little backwater.>90*” Middle America: expected continued dangerous heat and humidity. Was over 110 heat index today....& lookie here at da temps a comin:

expected continued dangerous heat and humidity..JPG


Unfortunately, I have to be outside for long periods of time, usually no shade ....& no place to sit...while waiting for my Doc rides!! Suxbigtimebutwhatyagonnado?


Anyway...Stay safe....&...Take care my friend!

Please have a wonderful week/end too!

☮️  🚤  🌄🍦  ~Allen 🌈   🎨 🛶


Honored Social Butterfly

Allan, the only things that hurt for moment are my left & right 1.finger salutes (swollen up) and my wrist and lower back.


Electric holding at $32 beats all heck outta $300, winter surprise. Furnace is off, if I want hot water kill-away can tell me how deadly that is. I can wait 10 minutes if I need hot water.


My cell has overheated 10 times today, ignoring calls to charge.😎We both have been enjoying sitting on ice packs.👍


Presently 68*, my doors are open. Must be getting old, starting to check out heat indexes , and air quaity

where I’ve considered moving. Except for Winters, Maine still has other places beat.


Midwest for you lotsa luck.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

HI Froze! @Frozenoem

You win on elec bill comaparison...hahaaa!😉


Howz ya health...other than left & right 1.finger salutes (swollen up) 🤕 and wrist and lower back....are they any better now? 💪👍

Are you standing .....& getting around OK?👣

Me...I have the last of the 3 knee gel shots Wed...have pain mgnt every month...been waiting 3 weeks for a PA on a med...& it shouldn’t take more than a few days....esp after I just saw my PCP... who wrote them! Also a few meds have been in short supply...or they don’t have enough when I come to pick them up....sux making more trips just for the same meds....& I have to set up rides for each one...that takes a lot of time! Also as said, I must be outside for long periods of time, 110 heat index...olda folks not posta be outside for that long....usually no shade ....& no place to sit...while waiting for my Doc & Pharmacy rides!! 😒Suxbigtimebutwhatyagonnado?

Did get my new PT eval.....but I don’t have time to make 2-3 extra round-trips each I have to decline for now! moreSux!☹️

Also waiting for an epidural in my back within the next 2 hurts to get those shots...but it is worth it for later pain >>>>’lessening’ (as you know doesn’t relive all the pain...just a bit less hurtin)


Pain Pain go away...& DON’T come back another day...for my Bud Froze & me....LOL!!😊


Anyway...Stay safe....&...Take care my friend!

Please have a wonderful week too!

☮️🚤🌄🍦  ~Allen 🌈   🎨 🛶

Honored Social Butterfly

It’s difficult to install an AC when your busy saluting the window frame, just can’t get the correct angle.I blame finger saluting to. To many crazed city drivers with perhaps a little time in Sicily a month in a rental: 


TIME for a nice can of concentrated soup With yummy magnesium until it’s replaced with something similar. Spent last 3 days reading, app of all med’s with names..


When I had to stand outside for hours, or take very walks through the forest in Summer, used to carry a 2-3 Liter insulated Camelback stuffed with water and ice cubes, kept water cool vs tasting like something else.


Pain says I’m doing great, no docs until August, No doc’s, no sunshine otherwise I’ll look like raw hamburger. Which is great cause I have no desire to cook anything right now.


Had my first bowl of cereal with water, remembering to stay hydrated.


Time to try more food, pills are talking back.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

HI Froze! @Frozenoem

Thanks for the reply & info....

enjoyin the camaraderie....

gotta go 4 now...

We’ll talk again soon... Take care


Trusted Social Butterfly

Hello folks!  We had a super hot 4th here, very humid.   Pretty quiet, just mowing and other usual chores.  Will be making a day trip  next week to buy peaches at a peach farm offering tons and tons of varieties.  Used to go there with the senior center back when we lived in the exurbs.  


Hope everyone is OK and busy having a good time.   I will have to think about annual doctor visits to eye doctor, primary care and the usual tests they want.   Will have to be brave and have a calcium score done.  ☹️

Honored Social Butterfly

Bone density and me, reason for the “Magnesium” and more breakage of parts and pieces. I just wish I wouldn’t start rumbling immediately after taking it.


Presently 90* outside and 70* inside , haven’t done anything to house and A/C still isn’t in. But, temperature

Is comfortable for now.


Time to refill my water, and find something cold to eat, no desire to eat hot today, not even Hot sauce worked last night.







And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

Hi, @LaDolceVita....hope you, the PLANTS...& furbabes... & the FAM.... are all doing well!🙂


I’m glad I had to research what >>> a calcium score was about... (I had a limited & incorrect impression based on what I know about calcium) basically it’s a CT scan that looks at how much calcium is in your coronary arteries. A test can assist healthcare providers in making treatment decisions for people with borderline risk of heart disease....

When researching for medical advice & references... the 2 sites I most often go to are the:

Mayo Clinic:

And the Cleveland Clinic:

Because they are proven & trusted Clinics....& they’re so well known, that they are also treating people from around the world!

So ....may I ask...What indicators have caused some trepidation & anxiety...that have led you to need to “be brave” about? i.e. Past tests,.. Family history... etc.? (BTW: if anything needs to be confidential only.... or not want to be posted to in test results, or for privacy concerns or anything can always PM,...or if neither is OK on this subject....that’s just fine....& no explanations ever needed)


Will be concerned for you!


That said.....

sounds like y’all had a nice 4th of July! 🎆

Now it’s time to just get stuff done...

& then relax & CHILL!!!


So for next week ....y’all be heading to...

the 🍑 peach farm!🍑😄

BTW: Bring some back for the rest of us! LOL!!😊



As always, ...Stay safe....&...Take care!

☮️  🌩🌦~Allen 🌈    🌞

Honored Social Butterfly

Do you have any 4th of July plans? 

We will be having a  lunch at the Retirement center dining room with a choice a Hamburger or Bratwurst 

along with a choice of potato salad and baked beans.

Hoping you have a great day.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Honored Social Butterfly

My only plan of the day is to accompany my air driven framing hammer and compressor to my old camp, then remain for dinner with new owners.


That’s the whole plan.

Enjoy your 4th



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

HI Froze! @Frozenoem....

HAPPY 4th of July!!🎆 😄 🎇

And to my other BEST PORCH PEEPS: Dave @DaveMcK @LaDolceVita @MsStretch @catwoman500 Nicole @SummerIsTooHOT & Lee @LeeS4949 and (& others of course)


 Take care all y’all friends!

☮️ 🚤  🌄🍦  ~Allen 🌈   🎨 🛶

Honored Social Butterfly

1 comment [Wednesday 6/26/24 10:10pm ET]


Feel better Allen @Therapist4u  🤗🤗🤗

Gold Conversationalist

Hi Nicole @SummerIsTooHOT



 Take care!

☮️  🌩🌦~Allen 🌈    🌞

Honored Social Butterfly

How is the weather in your neighborhood? We have had one major rain storm after another

over the last few months. 

We had 7 tornadoes this last weekend with major damage.

These types of storms are becoming the nor here in the Midwest.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Honored Social Butterfly

The weather has been weird, even by Western Maine standards. August type temperatures in June, upper 80’s to 90’s. Closest tornado to me was in NH border town, thunderstorms rolling thru my town are a weekly occurrence.Climate change is reality and here!


At least I’m finally getting relief every other night when it drops down to 40 to 50*, looks like all that insulation is finally keeping me cool in summer. Haven’t had to play with A/C yet👍


Discovered that if I do PT exercises at night, I can actually sleep versus listening to podcasts all night, without grabbing the pain killers.


Actually fell asleep before Louis Black ended his show and awoke to dreams of my Dutch Shepherd, that could have been the sleeping bag I was under.🤔


Time to renew RX’es and and make coffee 207 dark roast is calling.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Gold Conversationalist

Hey Froze! @Frozenoem

RE: PT & health issues...your making progress & it’s encouraging!

For me, today I finally got started on the 1st  series of the gel shots for my knees, that I’ve been waiting on for 4 months....& after the last round... it will take many months before it is slightly easier to walk & climb stairs & do chores, etc...but more improvements will come a while after the 2nd series of shots starting in 6 months, which means it really will be almost a year before there’ll be more notable improvements! But it’s worth it to delay surgery as long as possible!

RE: Louis Black..Unapologetically bold, piercing & spot-on takes of our society....very funny...just saw an older HBO special...he had the audience in stitches the entire time....he knows the timing of the rages...mixed in with quieter moments...& then he ramps up & unleashes a diatribe that no one else does, to me the closet >>>>was the late comedic genius Carlin!

RE: make coffee 207 dark roast is calling.

I just splurged >>>>for a change LOL!!...& bought Don Francisco’s 100% Arabica Vanilla Nut...great flavor & medium roast strength!  “An indulgent coffee with nutty aroma and hints of vanilla flavor. a much-loved offering...Using pristine, 100% Arabica beans, each of these coffees are custom roasted in small batches...”

ANYWAY...I’ll add more later...


As always, ...Stay safe....&...Take care Buddy!


☮️  🌩 🌦 ~Allen 🌈    🌞


Honored Social Butterfly

1 comment [Monday 6/24/24 2:15pm ET]


BIG BRO @Frozenoem , lol - your post about your 14 steps made me run to my window of my Studio Apartment to COUNT mine.


8 steps from parking lot to my front door.


Hmmm, I am guessing you have a 2nd floor like my daughter in Florida. She owns a Townhouse there.


Have you thought of moving or renovating [lift] or moving bedroom to ground floor?


Your VERY NOSEY little sis,

Nicole  🙄🙄🙄

Honored Social Butterfly



Not quite like anything in FL house was built in 1870 or 1880, 3 story or 4 if you count stairs to basement.

Not planning to move my California king ever to first floor unless it’s out the door to new house or apt.Took 3 people and a 6-pack to get it upstairs in one door and out the other to get all parts and pieces up the stairs the first time.

Correction - I’ve seen similar in FL but they were really old school cracker style, and they were few and far between. Like in the keys and built by sea captains.Kinda reminds me of Hemingway house.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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