I am leaving a tip for AARP Online Community Rewards Tips Contest 2021 - Redeem

I save up the $5 gift cards for Amazon, Walmart and Target which I have redeemed for points only on the AARP Rewards site. This year with my accumulated gift cards I bought a couple of times cat food for pennies at Walmart and Target. I also sent 2 wonderful presents to my grandson for his birthday and payed only $5.24! The rest was covered by the Amazon gift cards from the Rewards program. I still have enough of those cards to cover a portion of my granddaughter's presents for her birthday, which is coming up soon!

Save those $5 gift cards to make a useful and meaningful purchase! They become more memorable and make you feel good! I hope this tip will help members. 😊

By the way AARP, $10 gift cards would be mighty nice too...... That was another tip! 😀

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