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Best Rated Hospitals in the United States

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Best Rated Hospitals in the United States

....from US News...
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America's Best Hospitals: the 2023-2024 Honor Roll and Overview

U.S. News ranks the top hospitals in the nation, plus the best hospitals in each state and metro area.

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"America's Best Hospitals: the 2023-2024 Honor Roll and Overview"

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The only hospital in Lane County,Oregon, Sacred Heart Hospital was declared CLOSED.PERMANENTLY.-And it's emergency room CLOSED,

So this hospital is gone,and if you need a real hospital,emergency room, and in-hospital,doctors,specialists, you have to go to the newest hospital in the county next door.--Which is already over-burdened by a huge influx of patients especially in the emergency room..


They were already migrating from Sacred Heart, Peacehealth hospital in Lane County OR.Now the homeless have few places to go for emergency and medical help as Sacred Heart Hospital was the only one supplying help in all Lane County.


. I would not advise Oregon state be counted as having"the best hospitals." The other,2nd hospital in the county next door to Lane County,is only for the very rich. Medicare and Medicaid is not desired.--and you need a private doctor only in use to  the 2nd  expensive hospital.


MOVING TO OREGON? BE VERY RICH--...OTHERWISE don't expect very good or available medical services..Get a GOOD  private doctor who probably requires a lot of MONEY,OR FANTASTIC MEDICAL  INSURANCE. -There is a lot less hospital and medical services in Oregon now than there used to be.NOTE: Most psychiatrists have left the state.--as have many therapists and other medical people.It is widely believed that its because there are so many Medicare and Medicaid patients in Oregon.--and so many expert medical people WON'T ACCEPT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.--

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