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Community Manager

Use Theater Mode to Enjoy Full-Width Game Play

Theater Mode is coming to AARP Games, starting with Members-Only games. The new feature provides a full-width game play area on desktop and laptop, while conveniently keeping the browser bar open to navigate back.


Activating Theater Mode is simple. First, ensure you’re logged in, and your browser Zoom level is set at 100%. Then navigate to the Members-Only game of choice and click the “play now” button as usual. When the game is ready to play, you’ll see a special square icon in the lower-right corner of the game. Simply click that, and you’re ready to play!

Theater Mode is currently available for all AARP Members-Only games. Try it today and play on the big screen!


Theater Mode iconTheater Mode icon

Social Butterfly

Thanks @AARPLynne . Much more enjoyable playing. I am sure it will help others too. I just hope you/AARP will get around to the rest of the games. I only play a few of the member only ones. 🐱

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Vexed! So glad you're enjoying the new experience. Yes, indeed, AARP will roll out Theater Mode to all games over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

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