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Improving Your Score in Outspell

Bigger is better—sometimes. If you use all six of your tiles on one word, you'll get an automatic 50-point bonus. But that's not the only way to gain an advantage. Look carefully for open x2 and x3 tiles, which double or triple the letter (if it's a blue tile) or word (if it's a red tile). And look extra carefully for when those tiles can create two separate words. Do that and your bonus will be counted twice! Try Outspell today!


I just realized that Outspell on AARP does not include the feature allowing players to switch out one letter every turn.  That's the only way to score high.  If you want to play with this feature, play for free at Washington Post online.


My highest Outspell score is 4200, so I can't give tips for higher than that.  Every turn, use the option to trade a tile for a tile of your choice.  Highest scoring words (as far as I know) are the words beginning with B or P and containing 4 Zs.  Pizzazz, Bizzazz & variations beginning with Be, Ba & Pa. 

On beginning turn, start with Biz, Bez or Bazz.  Pizzazz has the option to repeat the score by adding Y. All of these words have the option to repeat the score by adding ES. 

You'll see your scores soar with these tips.  (There may be more I haven't discovered.)

Play on!



I've done all of this, but I still don't score higher than the 500s. How can people be making over 1000 points per game? Often I get all vowels or all consonants. This limits options with what is on the board. I see no way to get 1000 points unless you are choosing your own letters. 



I agree with you! I don't know how some of these players are scoring that high!


I agree

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