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Get more moves in Lumeno

After every 3 moves, the “flower" ball will appear on the board. It always has a number that indicates how many balls you need to chain with the flower to remove it. Once you remove the flower, you will receive 5 extra moves and your score multiplier will increase by 1. Your main objective is to remove the flowers as fast as you can.


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Stop showing the flowers w. 5 extra moves.  Just up the number of moves..  The interruption is annoying.   Thanks


I really Love this game,it’s so relaxing with the music!! They have symbols on the right but have no clue as to what I can use them for except the tear drop, that’s a color changer,which comes in handy.

I did make the million one time,without using any symbols, just lucky I guess.

I love  the colors, so pleasing to the eye,especially purple,which I really like.

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Is there supposed to be a "boost box" to the right  containing boosts named "tears" "shatter" "star" "swap" and "whisps"?  Do I need to play on a laptop or desktop to see these boosts (currently playing on a tablet), or are they not included in the AARP version of the game?  Seems these boosts are necessary to reach and go beyond the 1M mark. 

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@CynthiaM431838 , I do not believe that AARP version have the boosts. I play on a desktop and they are not there. And the (?) for Help on the game does not include those items with how to play the game. There seems to be different versions of most of the Arkadium Games for different sites.

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I see you can play Lumeno on the Arkadium site and the boosts pop up after reaching a certain level.  Truly don't know how folks can get to 1M-3M range of points without those boosts.  Too bad AARP's version doesn't include them.  


How about some strategies? This was, by far, the most obvious thing to do. I was really hoping to learn something new here. Disappointed that this was all there was, but I love this game! Thanks for putting it on the board!

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