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Combine special powers to get more points in Crystal Collapse

While playing Crystal Collapse, you’ll often see a group of like-colored crystals with an animal marking on all of them. These special powers appear when a certain number of crystals are next to each other — the more crystals, the better the power!


When you click on this grouping, they’ll all condense into one special crystal. You can use that crystal to clear multiple other crystals (or logs, or leaves) nearby. But you can go even one step further with a combo!


Collapse a crystal into one of the animal powers, and then try to collapse another crystal into another animal power, so that the two powers are sitting right next to each other. Then click on one of the animal powers and watch a huge portion of the board disappear!


Play Crystal Collapse today!


any clues on how to guarantee getting an up/down arrow versus a side to side arrow?  

Karen K.
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