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Biggest List of Senior Discounts in 2024

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Biggest List of Senior Discounts in 2024

Here is a list of discounts from - The Senior

Click Here --->  2024 Biggest List of Senior Discounts (Restaurants, Retail, Travel & More) (


It will be up to you to verify the discounts available at your desired retailer. 

As always only at each individual participating location/ retailer.


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 Zappos until recently give all VETS a 10% discount off of everything.They took the Veteran's discount back, but still gave other groups the very same 10% discount. Please join me and boycott ZAPPOS! I refuse to buy, and my wife also refuses to buy anything ever again from them! I have emailed them a dozen times for a reasonable explanation, but they never reply.   

  Please consider this when there are many other venues that sell the same products at the very same prices. Peace to all VETS!!

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Update:  Walgreens


I was at Walgreens Saturday 8-12-23 picking up drugs for my mother and the coupon I got confirms:   ( "quoted text is direct from the coupon" )


   "Effective 9-1-23, Walgreens will no longer be offering additional AARP  members benefits to myWalgreens members who had previously linked their myWalgreens and AARP memberships."


"As a thank you for your loyalty, you'll automatically earn 20% rewards storewide in September with your myWalgreens membership."


The regular myWalgreens accounts will continue with it's benefits/ program and will not lose any existing rewards $ they have in their accounts.


     This new policy seems to be mostly a Walgreens decision 'to tighten their budget.'


The regular myWalgreens Rewards program is still intact and will continue; the rebate/ rewards points $ you have accumulated are stable.



       Walgreens will usually have a 'Senior Discount of - 20%'  every first Tuesday of each month.

Age for discount: 55


Deal: On the first Tuesday of the month, customers age 55 and older who are members of the myWalgreens rewards program get 20 percent off in-store on regular-price items ( * items on sale or discounted - excluded ).

Prescriptions and clinical services are excluded from the discount. You can’t use coupons on top of the discount.

     You will need to request this 'Senior Discount'  at check out.



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Hi @OneDayMatisyahu


Also....I hope for you well as @Anonymous....& all my friends here....that 2023 brings you lots of love, laughter and joy!🎉💲🍀

Take care 🐬💐 ~Allen 🏂

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