How do I score more in Backgammon?

I win 9 out of 10 games in Backgammon but my scores are so low!   How does one get the score raised?   What are pips?   


thanks for any assistance you can provide!



AARP backgammon is not like playing "real" backgammon as far as the strategies - it really only knows one and that is to hit at every opportunity.  It does not follow the common open moves - it does not try to build it's inner table, etc.  To score high, you have to hit often, and force it into a back game (a game where you and/or your opponent have a lot of pieces in your back court).  At the same time, you need to build your inner table and keep his pieces from escaping.  You literally have to get all or most of his pieces on the rail or in your inner table - preferably on just one point (the 1,2 or 3 point only).

What are pips?  Pips are the dots on the dice. The backgammon board has 24 points (places to land your pieces), starting with your 1 point (the first point in your inner table) to your 24 point (the point where your 2 back pieces start).  If you multiple the number of pieces you have on a point by the point number and add them all up, you have your pip count - the approximate number of pips on the dice that you have to roll to get all your pieces off the board.  If you have a lower pip count than your opponent, then you are ahead in a "race" and should win according to the odds.

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@cb497 wrote:

I win 9 out of 10 games in Backgammon but my scores are so low!  




While AARP insists that the scoring process follows the standard procedure of Backgammon, it does not..... as you have discovered.


I found the same issues as you have but it is of no use to argue the point.

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