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  • mginter69

    After 20 years of marriage I had the "I forgot to have a child" panic.  Yeh technology and new focus on our baby boom and aging populations.   Using fertility processes I delivered a beautiful baby girl and am now a 62 year old mother of a beautiful and brilliant 19 year old.  Oh, and her dad is older than me by 15 years.  Parenthood at this age has many, many positives.  

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  • Veronica994

    In March of 2014, my husband was involved a very serious motorcycle accident. Would you believe the next year, almost to the date, my firstborn son was nearly killed on his motorcycle by a drunk driver while coming home from work? And to top it all off my middle son was involved in a minor motorcycle accident that same year.

    After my son's horrific accident that left him unable to walk, my husband who was still recuperating and myself decided we wanted to start a NonProfit Organization for people who had been hurt or killed while riding their bikes. We decided to call it Miracles on 2's.  

    At the time of his accident, he received a Hip Replacement. Sadly, in March of this year, 2016 my husband of 32 years passed away from an infection in the hip. He was a fun loving, very hip, love to hit the dance floor kind of a guy!

    Suddenly my life had been redesigned and I found myself walking around in grief for 3 months wondering where do I go from here? Obviously, none of this was our plan but God's and so I have no choice but to go on with my life.

    But the better question for me was how?  I couldn't go back to being his wife...not in the earthly realm, though in my heart we are married forever. So, it was after I first heard about Reimagining Myself that I began to perk up and give thought to a new me. But it was scary and then I suddenly remembered that I had dreams that were still unaccomplished, And one of those dreams was to finish the plans my husband and I had started...To get Miracles on 2's up and running!

    I am 62 years old and have been a homemaker and mother all of my adult life. Now, I have to find ways to metamorph into something new and beautiful again! Hopefully, I will be chosen so I can began again to have the best life....REIMAGINED!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my story with you!


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  • billybadbird
    I like learning how my mind ticked as a kid and what it meant todau
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  • RDean58

    My next venture would be to open a DIY woodworking center, where I could fulfill my dreams of crafting furniture and accessories, but also use my learned skills to teach others the craft and give them the space to explore their own creativity through working with wood. Seminars and specialty classes would be available for those who want to learn more than just the basics.  I would also have summer camps for kids to learn the basics of woodworking.  Eventually, I would like to branch out into other areas, such as stained glass and metalworking as well.

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  • owensunshine

    I would love to find a way to start my own business teaching yoga to older adults!

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