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  • aa1029

    I am 59 years young and have a 19 year young son - who is starting College in the Fall.  I have been involved in 10 Motor Vehicle Accident  - none of which have been my fault.  The last accident was on October 13, 2013 following the Boulder, CO flood - which displaced us.  It has been three years of 6 surgeries for myself with a Traumatic Brain Injury and a mild Traumatic Brain Injury for my son along with 4 herniated discs.  I have been immobile, have not been to the movie theater, or out to eat for three years.  My son is still limited and we have not established roots or a community.  


    So, our Best Life Imagined is to move our mobile home onto a great stretch of land where we can see the beautiful Boulder Mountains and start with raising sheep with llamas protecting them. Getting into the dirt and planting a garden can be so healing for people in general, but us in particular.  My son can continue his school with the quiet we enjoy and meet the other farming community around us.  I've never been a farmer, but in Boulder CO where everything is working toward being organic - its a fabulous place to get in shape in a gentle way.


    Just to be able to be outside walking in nature with the trees, flowers and bees feel so sweet and I want to be able to be a better healthy Mother to help launch my son into his wonderful life.