• I am a woman of 50 years..I started the next leg of my lifes journey by getting back to what I imagined my life was to be when I was 18, before my dream train was derailed by the unanticipated detours of life.

    My children went out on their own and I felt completely lost. I felt as though they defined me as a person. What was I going to do? How was I going to continue with my life when they no longer needed me? Then it hit me, I was going to get back on track and do the things I was always passionate about. Live my life for myself, life after 50 was a great milestone to begin again.

    I opened my own landscape design company and am getting down and dirty. I have discovered though that my body is not going to be able to keep up this pace and strain for an extended period of time so I am already planning to morph my business into growing and supplying plant material to retail customers and local landscapers.

    I feel great about my choices and feel this path is brought me full circle and I feel aazing. I want to be a role model for my kids and peers, show them that you are NEVER to old to LIVE out your dreams!!! 

  • At 57 years old, in the old, old days, like my 20's I had an idea that when I retired from the Navy I would be in a nice surburban neighborhood, money wouldn't be an issue because I would have my military retirement and also have a new career as a civilian federal employee. The reality today is I wasn't able to retire from the military as my PTSD that is service connected ended my Navy career just after I had 10 years in. I struggled with mental and physical health issues for many years yet did my best to finish my B.A. in Education to be a public school teacher, Pre-K through 4th grade. The rest of my physical health issues ended that dream as well in 2005. I was only 47 years old woman  in a third marriage I knew I had no business being in and had a 100% disability rating as a veteran. I was devastated and without purpose in my life as all of my self worth, self esteem, respect, and love for myself was tied up in my external image to the world. 10 years later I am NOT that same woman. It took years of hard work with several therapists, two with the VA and one that was a private therapist to get my life "reimagined" as one filled with love for myself, self worth and respect intact again, and believing I still had purpose to live a full life. All of this occured because I let myself be helped, let these therapists help me learn new life coping skills while my PTSD and depression became more managable even though they are with me today. It is time for another change and it is geographic because I have been living in a small rural town which is lovely yet presents challenges of being able to get out of my home and be connected to my faith community, my volunteer activities and get to my medical appointments at the VA. I am networking with other veterans, friends, and volunteer buddies who live in the city where my VA is located to find my new home. I am grateful to be my age and to be as solidly connected to a positive, well lived life that I have now.

  • When I retire, it will be joy heavily mixed with melancholy. I will be happy to be able to have a freedom I have never had, but it will contain alot of saddness because I never fulfilled the dreams I had when I started my career as a teacher. 


    I had such great plans. I was going to change the lives of children and make the world a better place. I think this was the dream of my generation and much of it never came to pass. No matter how hard I tried, I changed nothing and accomlished very little. 


    Now, I just want to retire to Florida and enjoy my life. I would like to volunteer at schools and animal shelters. I want to work for senior rights and finally add my voice to the cause. I want to do some modest traveling, not around the world, but as much as I can afford.


    I see myself living with my cats and enjoying the time I have left, not having to worry about paying bills, or being late to work.


    I guess I just want to make up for lost time. I want to enjoy myself and LIVE!

  • My life thus far has been difficult with many challenges to face.  A loss of a wonderful, promising career due to husband wanting to move out of state, a long, messy divorce, the struggles of being a single Mom, and most recently, a battle with cancer, just to name a few!  The good news coming out of these setbacks is that I believe I have won the cancer battle, and have found that I have much strength through all this.  The bad news is that I need to re-enter the work force and I don't know what to do, especially given the fact that where I reside is not conducive to have a good, high paying employment market.  I am currently in Disability and I do need to let them know before I start the return but simply am at a loss of where to start.  If I don't get back to work, I'm afraid i won't have enough financial support to have the ability to pay my bills.  It's already a struggle.  At age 56 and out of work for almost 2 years I am very uncertain of what direction to go in, and how difficult it maybe due both to my age and my disability as well.  Any assistance I could receive would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated!

  • I am 59 years young and have a 19 year young son - who is starting College in the Fall.  I have been involved in 10 Motor Vehicle Accident  - none of which have been my fault.  The last accident was on October 13, 2013 following the Boulder, CO flood - which displaced us.  It has been three years of 6 surgeries for myself with a Traumatic Brain Injury and a mild Traumatic Brain Injury for my son along with 4 herniated discs.  I have been immobile, have not been to the movie theater, or out to eat for three years.  My son is still limited and we have not established roots or a community.  


    So, our Best Life Imagined is to move our mobile home onto a great stretch of land where we can see the beautiful Boulder Mountains and start with raising sheep with llamas protecting them. Getting into the dirt and planting a garden can be so healing for people in general, but us in particular.  My son can continue his school with the quiet we enjoy and meet the other farming community around us.  I've never been a farmer, but in Boulder CO where everything is working toward being organic - its a fabulous place to get in shape in a gentle way.


    Just to be able to be outside walking in nature with the trees, flowers and bees feel so sweet and I want to be able to be a better healthy Mother to help launch my son into his wonderful life.





  • If my best life could be reimagined, I would dream that from here on out at the tender age of 55 my best life would be now and all through my 60's! I've worked hard all my life raised 2 sons and never had much money, infact most of the time I never knew how I was going to pay my bills on time. Now I dream and pray that my best years are ahead of me, I would be self sufficient, settled into the same house the rest of my years with both my sons married with children, with me being self sufficient and not only able to take care of my bills but to have a little extra to spend on my grandchildren or go somewhere with my friends without constant worries about my bills and my pain, stress-free living in a secure peaceful existence in my senior years and with good health so I could enjoy a the dream life I imagine in my 60's, and 70's! 

  • Joined AARP in Feburary 2016 (current age 50), been reading articles & info from newsletter....getting a gauge on where I am and where I want to go....but need to more insight to begin the process of leaving my career and entering into something new....still not quite sure where to begin...help!!

  • In my reimagined life, I am a successful author published by one of the Big 6. I get along well with my agent, the agency in general, and all representatives of my publisher. I travel just enough to be happy. I make enough money that I don't have financial concerns. I have time to pursue hobbies (and make money at those too) and spend with family. I have peace and prosperity in all areas of my life.


    Though I have graduated high school, I would love to be able to take classes through Writer's Digest, and possibly from a college, in order to hone my skills.


    I have two Six Word Memoirs on record, so some might argue that I am published. I believe that as long as one is alive one must grow, learn, and change, or else get stagnant. I believe that one is never old who keeps adjusting and adapting, and that is what I would love to do: keep adapting. I believe this education and getting published is what I need to keep from growing stagnant.

  • I have always dreamed of a life in the arts.  This didn't sit well with my parents, who felt the best (and only) careers for a female were in education or nursing.  Those are wonderful careers, but not for me.  I wanted to be an actress.  And for 20+ years, I had a very modest success in acting.  


    After my marriage ended I found myself in a child-unfriendly profession, and a child-unfriendly city.  I made the decision to find a "real job" and move closer to my family.  I was much more successful as an actress than any other employment, but I know I was a good mother.  My son has now embarked on a successful career, is married and has a child of his own.  Time for Act IV.


    My ideal life is my own tiny cottage in the mountains overlooking a lake, where I can spend my days painting, drawing, playing music, enjoying nature, and drinking mass quantities of coffee.   La vie boheme!

  • When I retired from the NJ Department of Labor after 38 years I found I wasn't quite ready to throw in the towell on my profession so I obtained a job as a job coach for traumatic brain injured clients.  When that position ended after only a year and a half I began teaching cello privately something i had always done on a smaller scale.  But i knew I wanted to volunteer as my private students took up so little of my 14 hour day. Since I would be almost home bound without my glasses I decided to "give back" or give forward by vounteering at New Eyes for the Needy in Short Hills, New Jersey-a non profit that gives away about a quarter of a million pair of glasses to third world countries around the world and gives vouchers for glasses to the poor in the USA.  I've been with New Eyes since about 2006as both a sorter and a trainer working four mornings a week. Once I had the fun of working with corportate volunteers on a 5th day during which I helped train and assist 15 Goldman Sachs employees to sort through almost 8,000 pair of used glasses in one 5 hour day.  It was exhausting but so much fun. All these years during my so called retirement years, teaching cello-one of my students made it to a Julliard Saturday morning program after only two and a half years  of study with me-volunteering at New Eyes, hiking, lifting weights, exercising in the pool, reading and speniding quality time with my best friend and partner Stan (performing his compositions at a library concert and retirment affair) have made me the happiest person I've ever been!

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  • After 37 years of marriage and being a full time mother to 9 children, divorce was my best option after learning of my husband's convoluted double life.  I had graduated from college, but had not worked nor kept up my teaching certificate, so at age 59 I began to reinvent myself.  Standing erect with my head held high and recalling the confidence from my yourth's pageants and competitions, I starting with a small home jewelry sales business, moved up tthrough a job as event planner and fund raiser at the local Chamber of Commerce, then to being a sales associate at a well-established  local luxury jewelry shop, where I earned $8000 my first Chrismas.  What a burst that was to my morale!

    After being involved in a car accident , I took a break for three surgeries and accompanying physical therapy before getting a job in an a non-profit "The LIghted Candle," fighting pornography through fund-raising and event planning in our capital city; enjoyed some modeling and speaking opportunities, and finally was selected after 4 hours of interviews and "hands on" experiences as a sales associate for Tiffany & Co. for their first store in Utah, which included training at their New Jersey and New York City facilities.  

    Throughout those 6 years I learned a great deal about my new world--how to work with a variety of co-workers and clients, how to work with different attorneys and forensic accountants; managie tricky office politics; stand up  for myself in order to get a judge to rule that I was "fired without cause" (so that I could get unemployment benefits) when I'd been "let go" after a 'run in' with an office manage; how to accept help from wonderful divorcecd and widowed single women in navigating my new, rocky course, and how to mentor "new comers" who had found themselves in a similar position as had I;  how to understand  why women became feminists; and how to  love life as a single, working, savvy, divorce'.

    I recognize heaven's hlep all along the way, including when a fantastic man was "dropped on my doorstep"  Within a few months we married, I retired in order to spend all of my time with him, and we have  enjoyed every day since together. Marriage to this most trustworthy and kind man has been a dream I never expected to experience. We have had a "new job" of getting to know and " fit in" to each others' families, and have 13 children and 31 grandchildren to visit and enjoy together.

    Now as he struggles with some health issues, I am beginning the new role of care giver to him and life manager for us.  Each phase of our lives provides stepping stones to the next one, helping us to grow into better people than we thought we could become. Doors close; others open.  Resilience deep within buoys us up through the white-water of life as we claw our way to higher ground.  


    What might be next for me?!  More Life!  More Transitions!  More Inner Growth!  Bring it on!

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  • If my best life could be reimagined, I would dream that from here on out at the tender age of 55 my best life would be now and all through my 60's! I've worked hard all my life raised 2 sons and never had much money, ion fact most of the time I never knew how I was going to pay my bills on time. Now I dream and pray that my best years are ahead of me, I would be self sufficient, settled into the same house the rest of my years with both my sons married with children, with me being self sufficient and not only able to take care of my bills but to have a little extra to spend on my grandchildren or go somewhere with my friends without constant worries about my bills and my pain, stress-free living in a secure peaceful existence in my senior years and with good health so I could enjoy a the dream life I imagine in my 60's, and 70's! 

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  • I am 60 now and have started to voluneer at the local botinical gardens on weekends. I work at the reception desk and let people know about special things to see or do while there are there. I get there early and walk the gardens first so I can see if anything is different or if there is a special flower blooming or if the rabbits have had new babies, or bees have a new hive etc. It is so relaxing and I so enjoy the gardens and the people I meet. M-F I have a very high stress job, so this is a great way to relax and enjoy my weekends. To take care of me!!!



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  • I would love to find a chair yoga class locally where I could start to stretch without someone tring to turn me into a pretzel. I am not agel, but would love to be more healthy and starting with good stretching would be wonderful. I work full time and set for 8 hrs a day. My husband is disabled and wants me home as much as possible in the evenings, so a local yoga class 2x3 times a week would be just the thing. (There is not room in my house to get a cd and do at home, besides the only device to use it on would be the one my husband uses to watch TV....not happening) 


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  • As a Child we grew up a normal family until my Dad fell into heavy drinking. My Mom was always busy and it seems my eldest Sister and I were always helping with younger siblings. My parents aged suffering from the affects of how we were raised. We never really struggled on having anything.  My Dad passed away from cancer caught too late. My Mom is now in a home due to her high blood pressure. There is not a day that goes by wondering if I will be in a home too. (LORD WILLING). Sometimes it drives me a little crazy just thinking about it. But I take things one day at a time and try to make choices that will not affect me physically when I am older. (I'm 57). With lung conditions it's been a little hard, which I've had since a child. I worry of how my children will or will not be there for me. To be honest it's a lonely feeling Smiley Frustrated I keep myself busy from walking to crafts/hobbies to cooking/cleaning. Like almost no one to cook for really. 

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  • The first think I did when I hit 65 was join LA Fitness!  I enjoy the Zumba class on Sundays - yes there are a lot of youngsters - but there are those of us over 60 and keeping fit and active.


    I am still working.  My husband Ron and I work at KW in St Lucie/Martin Counties in Florida.  We are an agent team.  Keeping up with the market and working with our buyers and sellers is a full time job...BUT I also added a shift of volunteer work at our local hospital.  I feel like working in the ER at Tradition Medical center is really helpful to the staff, the patients and I really enjoy my shift.  The entire volunteer organization is really wonderful!  Getting older is nothing to worry about.  Just stay healthy, active and enjoy your efforts in work and working with others.  Debra B Albert, PA

    I think I am getting better rather than getting older!

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  • This moment is all there is .. It's a present .. Pre sent from heaven above. 

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  • Things to do to accomplish my Best Life Reimagined :


    Prioritize my steps to accomplish my goals, such as making #1 the "Quit Smoking" goal. I'm already doing many things to improve my life. I had quit drinking "Spirits" (Liquors) of any kind several years ago. I now only drink beer (Coors) less gassy, strictly on Saturday &/or Sundays and limit myself to between 2 - 4 beers. My smoking habits are decreasing, used to smoke over a pack per day, now down to as low as 5 cigarette's per day with ZERO being my goal.

    My diet (not for weight loss) as I am at, and always have maintained a healthy, low fat, weight and my Body Fat Index is Ideal. Love vegetables everyday, restrict my red meat intake, often removing any/all types of meat from some daily meals, such as rice and vegetable mix which can be both very tasty, healthy & satisfying the pallet. I stay away from restaurant's and only go IF I have to (families gatherings) as we all know that although some advertise they use no MSG, they fail to read the labels in their kitchen (most store made spice/flavor) enhancers include MSG/Gluten's in their mix's. Basically, I may eat out 2 to 3 times at most annually. So diet plays a big part in reaching the best life goals.

    Then there's the stress factors, that boss who knows all (claims to) and refuses to accept new approaches to certain goals, and there's always that one worker who tries to irritate you. Just don't respond to the negativity, that's the result they are looking for and the more you show irritation, the more they will irritate.

    Then on the home front, there's the Wife/Husband that MUST ALWAYS be right ? Let it slide, even though you may know for sure that you are right, just ignore the stress and eventually someone else will correct your "Misinformed" know it all and without it affecting you. After all, does it really matter who's right? NO, because the wrong one will eventually be corrected at someone elses stress expense.

    I feel the key to improving longevity is good healthy diet, limited alcohol intake, stress free environment & regular excercise, no need for the excessive Gym compulsion, a nice steady walk through the Park, around the block or even the mall are all good.

    Just be sure to "Second Guess" your decision's before acting on them, then you'll be on track to better health.

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  • It's never too late to start living your dreams!  Life has finally settled down for us, so I am back in school to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  Is it hard work?  YES!  But I must say that I have more focus and time than my fellow young students, and I am doing GREAT! 

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  • What I have figured at as this stage in my life now nearing 66 years of age, is that I love problem solving. I just don't see problems the way others do. I see them as opportunities. When its others peoples problems it seems easy to break it down and time line how to proceed with baby steps getting you to the desired result. I was too busy running and investing businesses of my own in my previous life and now I want the excitement and joy of successfully helping other people, at any age, manage their lives delimma's. I have had several opportunities to try this out and I can tell you it put charge in my day to utilize my mind and resources to see what can be done.


    As an owner and one who ran a natioanl association, I quickly learned that going to conventions to liston to what everyone was complaining about was one of the best ways for me to find products to develop. And by giving those credit whose problems they were it almost backed them into participating with the solution. I see spending two of three days of most weeks working somehow with those who just need to sort through lifes obsticles. 


    I want to make sure that I maintain the successful and hard earned relationship and times I have with my two adult sons and my adorable husband. They have been left out in the cold too often and that is a mistake I don't choose to make. It is something else I watch for with others. With the help of how to access others who seek, not answers, but the process to work through problems to opportunities I think every day would feel like a day of play and joy. With the wonderful access of the internet and so many ways to connect I can work with people around the country. 


    I could also use more help and encouragement to continue to take better care of myself. My health is really good and my doctors have asked me to give luck a little support with more effort for opportunities of strength building and cardio. 20 pounds could revolutionize my wardrobe and my life and add more years and make them better years. Thanks for this opportunity. V. Cheryl Womack

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