As a Child we grew up a normal family until my Dad fell into heavy drinking. My Mom was always busy and it seems my eldest Sister and I were always helping with younger siblings. My parents aged suffering from the affects of how we were raised. We never really struggled on having anything.  My Dad passed away from cancer caught too late. My Mom is now in a home due to her high blood pressure. There is not a day that goes by wondering if I will be in a home too. (LORD WILLING). Sometimes it drives me a little crazy just thinking about it. But I take things one day at a time and try to make choices that will not affect me physically when I am older. (I'm 57). With lung conditions it's been a little hard, which I've had since a child. I worry of how my children will or will not be there for me. To be honest it's a lonely feeling Smiley Frustrated I keep myself busy from walking to crafts/hobbies to cooking/cleaning. Like almost no one to cook for really. 

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Well, vh9932, I think a lot of us worry about ending up in a nursing home someday. Both my parents were in homes till they died. Some of those homes are not pleasant places to be, especially if one has little or no choice. I don't expect my kids to have to be responsible for me ; they have their own familes and resonsibilities. That's just how I feel.

Do you have a Senior Center nearby you could join ? Maybe volunteer work of some sort ? I'm collecting old scatter rugs to donate to the Humane Society here. We no longer have a dog, but I like them, & the poor animals are appreciative of company ! And too, you can always leave a message here. I'm sure people will answer.  Woman Happy

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