After 37 years of marriage and being a full time mother to 9 children, divorce was my best option after learning of my husband's convoluted double life.  I had graduated from college, but had not worked nor kept up my teaching certificate, so at age 59 I began to reinvent myself.  Standing erect with my head held high and recalling the confidence from my yourth's pageants and competitions, I starting with a small home jewelry sales business, moved up tthrough a job as event planner and fund raiser at the local Chamber of Commerce, then to being a sales associate at a well-established  local luxury jewelry shop, where I earned $8000 my first Chrismas.  What a burst that was to my morale!

After being involved in a car accident , I took a break for three surgeries and accompanying physical therapy before getting a job in an a non-profit "The LIghted Candle," fighting pornography through fund-raising and event planning in our capital city; enjoyed some modeling and speaking opportunities, and finally was selected after 4 hours of interviews and "hands on" experiences as a sales associate for Tiffany & Co. for their first store in Utah, which included training at their New Jersey and New York City facilities.  

Throughout those 6 years I learned a great deal about my new world--how to work with a variety of co-workers and clients, how to work with different attorneys and forensic accountants; managie tricky office politics; stand up  for myself in order to get a judge to rule that I was "fired without cause" (so that I could get unemployment benefits) when I'd been "let go" after a 'run in' with an office manage; how to accept help from wonderful divorcecd and widowed single women in navigating my new, rocky course, and how to mentor "new comers" who had found themselves in a similar position as had I;  how to understand  why women became feminists; and how to  love life as a single, working, savvy, divorce'.

I recognize heaven's hlep all along the way, including when a fantastic man was "dropped on my doorstep"  Within a few months we married, I retired in order to spend all of my time with him, and we have  enjoyed every day since together. Marriage to this most trustworthy and kind man has been a dream I never expected to experience. We have had a "new job" of getting to know and " fit in" to each others' families, and have 13 children and 31 grandchildren to visit and enjoy together.

Now as he struggles with some health issues, I am beginning the new role of care giver to him and life manager for us.  Each phase of our lives provides stepping stones to the next one, helping us to grow into better people than we thought we could become. Doors close; others open.  Resilience deep within buoys us up through the white-water of life as we claw our way to higher ground.  


What might be next for me?!  More Life!  More Transitions!  More Inner Growth!  Bring it on!

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I admire your strength! What a journey. My life was not as exciting. I married early had 3 children and divorced. In my search for true love I have been unlucky; so here I am 56yrs old with 3 adult wonderful children and wondering what now? I wish my next husband would just show up at my door! 🙂 I'm an RN considering a early retirement and just take a leap of faith and rediscover myself! Selling my home and downsizing is definitely in the plans, and I'm excited and nervous about the future! Wish me luck!
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