At 57 years old, in the old, old days, like my 20's I had an idea that when I retired from the Navy I would be in a nice surburban neighborhood, money wouldn't be an issue because I would have my military retirement and also have a new career as a civilian federal employee. The reality today is I wasn't able to retire from the military as my PTSD that is service connected ended my Navy career just after I had 10 years in. I struggled with mental and physical health issues for many years yet did my best to finish my B.A. in Education to be a public school teacher, Pre-K through 4th grade. The rest of my physical health issues ended that dream as well in 2005. I was only 47 years old woman  in a third marriage I knew I had no business being in and had a 100% disability rating as a veteran. I was devastated and without purpose in my life as all of my self worth, self esteem, respect, and love for myself was tied up in my external image to the world. 10 years later I am NOT that same woman. It took years of hard work with several therapists, two with the VA and one that was a private therapist to get my life "reimagined" as one filled with love for myself, self worth and respect intact again, and believing I still had purpose to live a full life. All of this occured because I let myself be helped, let these therapists help me learn new life coping skills while my PTSD and depression became more managable even though they are with me today. It is time for another change and it is geographic because I have been living in a small rural town which is lovely yet presents challenges of being able to get out of my home and be connected to my faith community, my volunteer activities and get to my medical appointments at the VA. I am networking with other veterans, friends, and volunteer buddies who live in the city where my VA is located to find my new home. I am grateful to be my age and to be as solidly connected to a positive, well lived life that I have now.




Keep doing what you're doing.  I am a female Army Vet with PTSD, MST, MDD, I suffer Anxiety Disorders etc.  And, finally getting into Therapy at the VA, getting connected with other Sister Vets, and working at it, I have a life again.

It is always a work in progress, yet not as disturbing as when I did not know what had happened to me. I knew something was wrong, I prayed to my God, please allow me to be able to have the right mind, and courage, determination to raise my Son, so that he can be all he can be, and a productive human being.  It seemed a few years after he was on his own, everything just came crashingdown on me.  I am so grateful that some people were able to get through to me, that this wasn't BS, and getting past the attitudes, some that lead me hear from Active duty.  I fought with everything that I had for my life.  It is day to day, step byu step, processing it all, I have the tools and I live the Mantra, Fall down 7 times, get up 8, keep it moving. No Shame, No Blame, just Living My Best Life and Giving Back.

So Keep your head up.

Positive outlook and support are so important when dealing with PTSD. I put getting help off for 40 years. When my whole life calapsed I was lucky enough to have a doctor who took the time to tell me that dealing with cancer I should talk to some. My therapist earned his money when he asked me about my life. I think it is great that there are so many great resources out there today for people going through severe issues. I hope you continue to improve every day. God Bless

I have complex PTSD which is also known as Developmental Trauma Disorder, from childhood abuse. Have been dealing with it 30 years now and things are so much better. Great therapists and lots of other support including 12-Step programs, support groups, therapy groups, reading, pets, spirituality, gardening and connecting with nature have kept me sane and functioning. I am now working on a memoir of my abuse and recovery. Have always been eclectic in my approach to life in general and this is no exception. There are no more local support groups that I have been able to find, but a plethora of support groups on Facebook and elsewhere online.

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