When I retire, it will be joy heavily mixed with melancholy. I will be happy to be able to have a freedom I have never had, but it will contain alot of saddness because I never fulfilled the dreams I had when I started my career as a teacher. 


I had such great plans. I was going to change the lives of children and make the world a better place. I think this was the dream of my generation and much of it never came to pass. No matter how hard I tried, I changed nothing and accomlished very little. 


Now, I just want to retire to Florida and enjoy my life. I would like to volunteer at schools and animal shelters. I want to work for senior rights and finally add my voice to the cause. I want to do some modest traveling, not around the world, but as much as I can afford.


I see myself living with my cats and enjoying the time I have left, not having to worry about paying bills, or being late to work.


I guess I just want to make up for lost time. I want to enjoy myself and LIVE!







I come from a family of teachers, plus I've had a lot of teachers in my life. Maybe you haven't accomplished all that you had wished, but I think it quite likely that as a teacher you changed more than you know.

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