I have always dreamed of a life in the arts.  This didn't sit well with my parents, who felt the best (and only) careers for a female were in education or nursing.  Those are wonderful careers, but not for me.  I wanted to be an actress.  And for 20+ years, I had a very modest success in acting.  


After my marriage ended I found myself in a child-unfriendly profession, and a child-unfriendly city.  I made the decision to find a "real job" and move closer to my family.  I was much more successful as an actress than any other employment, but I know I was a good mother.  My son has now embarked on a successful career, is married and has a child of his own.  Time for Act IV.


My ideal life is my own tiny cottage in the mountains overlooking a lake, where I can spend my days painting, drawing, playing music, enjoying nature, and drinking mass quantities of coffee.   La vie boheme!

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