What I have figured at as this stage in my life now nearing 66 years of age, is that I love problem solving. I just don't see problems the way others do. I see them as opportunities. When its others peoples problems it seems easy to break it down and time line how to proceed with baby steps getting you to the desired result. I was too busy running and investing businesses of my own in my previous life and now I want the excitement and joy of successfully helping other people, at any age, manage their lives delimma's. I have had several opportunities to try this out and I can tell you it put charge in my day to utilize my mind and resources to see what can be done.


As an owner and one who ran a natioanl association, I quickly learned that going to conventions to liston to what everyone was complaining about was one of the best ways for me to find products to develop. And by giving those credit whose problems they were it almost backed them into participating with the solution. I see spending two of three days of most weeks working somehow with those who just need to sort through lifes obsticles. 


I want to make sure that I maintain the successful and hard earned relationship and times I have with my two adult sons and my adorable husband. They have been left out in the cold too often and that is a mistake I don't choose to make. It is something else I watch for with others. With the help of how to access others who seek, not answers, but the process to work through problems to opportunities I think every day would feel like a day of play and joy. With the wonderful access of the internet and so many ways to connect I can work with people around the country. 


I could also use more help and encouragement to continue to take better care of myself. My health is really good and my doctors have asked me to give luck a little support with more effort for opportunities of strength building and cardio. 20 pounds could revolutionize my wardrobe and my life and add more years and make them better years. Thanks for this opportunity. V. Cheryl Womack

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