In my reimagined life, I am a successful author published by one of the Big 6. I get along well with my agent, the agency in general, and all representatives of my publisher. I travel just enough to be happy. I make enough money that I don't have financial concerns. I have time to pursue hobbies (and make money at those too) and spend with family. I have peace and prosperity in all areas of my life.


Though I have graduated high school, I would love to be able to take classes through Writer's Digest, and possibly from a college, in order to hone my skills.


I have two Six Word Memoirs on record, so some might argue that I am published. I believe that as long as one is alive one must grow, learn, and change, or else get stagnant. I believe that one is never old who keeps adjusting and adapting, and that is what I would love to do: keep adapting. I believe this education and getting published is what I need to keep from growing stagnant.

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