If my best life could be reimagined, I would dream that from here on out at the tender age of 55 my best life would be now and all through my 60's! I've worked hard all my life raised 2 sons and never had much money, ion fact most of the time I never knew how I was going to pay my bills on time. Now I dream and pray that my best years are ahead of me, I would be self sufficient, settled into the same house the rest of my years with both my sons married with children, with me being self sufficient and not only able to take care of my bills but to have a little extra to spend on my grandchildren or go somewhere with my friends without constant worries about my bills and my pain, stress-free living in a secure peaceful existence in my senior years and with good health so I could enjoy a the dream life I imagine in my 60's, and 70's! 

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