When I retired from the NJ Department of Labor after 38 years I found I wasn't quite ready to throw in the towell on my profession so I obtained a job as a job coach for traumatic brain injured clients.  When that position ended after only a year and a half I began teaching cello privately something i had always done on a smaller scale.  But i knew I wanted to volunteer as my private students took up so little of my 14 hour day. Since I would be almost home bound without my glasses I decided to "give back" or give forward by vounteering at New Eyes for the Needy in Short Hills, New Jersey-a non profit that gives away about a quarter of a million pair of glasses to third world countries around the world and gives vouchers for glasses to the poor in the USA.  I've been with New Eyes since about 2006as both a sorter and a trainer working four mornings a week. Once I had the fun of working with corportate volunteers on a 5th day during which I helped train and assist 15 Goldman Sachs employees to sort through almost 8,000 pair of used glasses in one 5 hour day.  It was exhausting but so much fun. All these years during my so called retirement years, teaching cello-one of my students made it to a Julliard Saturday morning program after only two and a half years  of study with me-volunteering at New Eyes, hiking, lifting weights, exercising in the pool, reading and speniding quality time with my best friend and partner Stan (performing his compositions at a library concert and retirment affair) have made me the happiest person I've ever been!

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