Things to do to accomplish my Best Life Reimagined :


Prioritize my steps to accomplish my goals, such as making #1 the "Quit Smoking" goal. I'm already doing many things to improve my life. I had quit drinking "Spirits" (Liquors) of any kind several years ago. I now only drink beer (Coors) less gassy, strictly on Saturday &/or Sundays and limit myself to between 2 - 4 beers. My smoking habits are decreasing, used to smoke over a pack per day, now down to as low as 5 cigarette's per day with ZERO being my goal.

My diet (not for weight loss) as I am at, and always have maintained a healthy, low fat, weight and my Body Fat Index is Ideal. Love vegetables everyday, restrict my red meat intake, often removing any/all types of meat from some daily meals, such as rice and vegetable mix which can be both very tasty, healthy & satisfying the pallet. I stay away from restaurant's and only go IF I have to (families gatherings) as we all know that although some advertise they use no MSG, they fail to read the labels in their kitchen (most store made spice/flavor) enhancers include MSG/Gluten's in their mix's. Basically, I may eat out 2 to 3 times at most annually. So diet plays a big part in reaching the best life goals.

Then there's the stress factors, that boss who knows all (claims to) and refuses to accept new approaches to certain goals, and there's always that one worker who tries to irritate you. Just don't respond to the negativity, that's the result they are looking for and the more you show irritation, the more they will irritate.

Then on the home front, there's the Wife/Husband that MUST ALWAYS be right ? Let it slide, even though you may know for sure that you are right, just ignore the stress and eventually someone else will correct your "Misinformed" know it all and without it affecting you. After all, does it really matter who's right? NO, because the wrong one will eventually be corrected at someone elses stress expense.

I feel the key to improving longevity is good healthy diet, limited alcohol intake, stress free environment & regular excercise, no need for the excessive Gym compulsion, a nice steady walk through the Park, around the block or even the mall are all good.

Just be sure to "Second Guess" your decision's before acting on them, then you'll be on track to better health.

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