After 20 years of marriage I had the "I forgot to have a child" panic.  Yeh technology and new focus on our baby boom and aging populations.   Using fertility processes I delivered a beautiful baby girl and am now a 62 year old mother of a beautiful and brilliant 19 year old.  Oh, and her dad is older than me by 15 years.  Parenthood at this age has many, many positives.  

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I had my first child at 33 My Son A.J. my second at 34 My daughter Joan My tubes tied at 35 and My youngest daughter at 38. She was a total surprise. Its was weird going to my kids activities because we were from a small town and their freinds parents knew my younger brothers and sisters I use to baby sit some of them. Ilove my children and I wouldnt trade them for all the money in the world but I think I should have had them 10 years earlier.

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