I am now just getting to read the threads from writers.  I am a writer who has self-published on Amazon for the past few years.  I got so tired of romance novels for the under 30 set.  Then 50 Shades came out and I was done!  I put the story that had been swirling in my head for years on paper during my breaks and lunch at work.  Within three years, I had created a seven volume series!  I titled it Fairy Tales for Grown People.  It is about people over 50, even 60 who are vibrant, badass, and sexual without being skeevy.  I am currently re-editing my series, book by book, and plan to re-publish.  I started a Facebook page and posted photos from the internet of people who remind me of my characters.  I would love to hear from other writers, especially those who write romance novels for the mature crowd.   

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@dormaspencer, Hello!  I just discovered this forum and I am thrilled to know that you are writing mature romance stories.  Yippppeeeeee!  I will look for your work on Amazon.


I am also disappointed with the way the genre has been hijacked by male writers writing under female pen names and using unnecessary profanity-- ad nauseam.  I don't like writing negative reviews so I stopped; But when one story had the sentence, 'you have the prettiest little "c" I've ever seen', I was COMPELLED to call out the writer about the use of this word in "romance".  There is NOTHING erotic, sexy, or romantic, about using a known derogatory descriptive about female genitalia in a so called "romance" or sexplay scene.  I cannot accept that a female writer would want to use that word in " romance".


Like you, I want to read stories that are  more realistically RELATABLE to someone my age.  I'm working on my very first story; hopefully, I'll stay motivated enough to finish it.



Fey Lady
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Hello everyone,

I'm a self-published writer of children's picture books.

I just published Giggle A Little Giggle and it's about laughter and ejoying the beauty of nature.

I'm currently writing my third book and my second is being published now.

I love to write for children seeing their eyes light up as they turn the pages and imagine themselves in the story is priceless.

Have an amazing day!!

V A Trafton


Hello -

Congratulations on your success with the publication of children's books.  It's been a life dream of mine to publish a children's book, short story or poetry.  Can you give me some insight as to how you got started?  I am new to these forums and having difficulty tracking my messages so hopefully I'll catch up with you soon!  Best to you and keep marching forward on your third book!  



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Hello, How i got started was i sent my ms to a self-publishing company. They were expensive but they produced a great book for me, it took about 8 months. my second book Gabby For President is being released in April and i used an indie publishing company once again through one of my fb groups for indie writers and that took about a year. if i had the funds available at the time it would have taken less time. trying to get your book published the traditional way just wasn't an option for me. being rejected tends to discourage people. i love to write and i want children to be able to read my words of inspiration. Research til you find whats right for you. the library has good books. good luck to you and never give up on your dream to write if that's what you truly want to do.

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Not a writer, has always been a dream of mine, but I start something and never finish. Love the title of your series, going to def go to Amazon and start it.
Julie H
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