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During our October trip to the Outer Banks, The GPS venues that my wife chose (Google Maps and Waze) had some quirky moments. At one point while I was driving about half way across an incredibly long and high bridge looming over one of the sounds, my wife and I heard the GPS astoundingly remind us to drive straight ahead. Where else could we go?  There was no room to make a U-turn, and making a left or right turn would have been obviously suicidal.

After a while, we switched to Waze. It was generally accurate, but the app didn’t shut off when we reached Duck, our destination. The robotic voice perversely continued to tell us that we had arrived at the town center. When instead of stopping there, we decided to drive around Duck, Waze, as if it didn’t want us to go elsewhere, as if it were lecturing a wayward child, stridently reminded us of how many tenths of a mile we were venturing away from our original spot.

At first, my wife couldn’t shut off the annoying app on her supposedly smart phone. Waze had a hammerlock on us until my wife, after coaxing and fiddling with her cell for a few minutes, silenced the sucker.

Just as I make allowances for friends or relatives who at times enjoy messing with my mind, I ultimately rely on my eccentric GPS sidekicks.

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