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Re: Summer Writing About Tomatoes?

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Well I volunteer with Food not Bombs,  we pick up or grow organic produce. One or two  members will make a meal.  On Sunday 'S we go to Asbury Park and have a share.  Everything is free to any one who comes.  There is a website,  Food not Bombs , Asbury Park,  NJ. This is a vegan group... Nancy 

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Re: Summer Writing About Tomatoes?

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Hello @n566192l, that sounds interesting. How does the community share work?

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Re: Summer Writing About Tomatoes?

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Dear @sunday46,

Hope this post finds you feeling better. I too,  have a garden. I grow vegetables for a community share.  This year,  I grow a 10lb tomatoe. I only with my pumpkins would grow that size. Nancy 

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Re: Summer Writing About Tomatoes?

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Really enjoyed your essay, @sunday46. I can almost taste the fresh tomatoes. Now all I need is a little basil, mozzarella, and olive oil on top of my imagination Smiley Happy


Would love to see some pictures of your garden!

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Summer Writing About Tomatoes?

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Happy Summer to my Community,

It has been a while since I have written about my life this summer. I am still

in recovery mode two years after a 7 1/2 hr. Posterial Spinal Surgery. Getting 

better gradually , yet in physical therapy , and still under the care of my doctor.


To keep my mind off of Health I am trying to have a better “raised garden” and

with the help of my younger son  I’ll enjoy fresh vegetables ( will share with family and neighbors). One would be surprised how many vegetables can be planted in these  gardens. I have several and don’t have to bend over or to dig in the ground.


 I enjoy the cluster vine tomatoes, my are they delicious! I learned how to grow my own and will have lots of them. I also am growing Roma tomatoes. Try this for growing your own: slice a tomatoe crosswise , put soil in a container, place the thin slice of tomatoe there, cover with soil, water and place in a sunny window.

In about 7-10 days your “tomatoe” slice will sprout. Wow! You are on your way to

saving money and enjoying fresh vine ripe TOMATOES for all kinds of dishes.


Hope this hint that I discovered will help you while gardening.

Have a wonderful summer to write about gardening with Tomatoes.





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