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Start Writing . . Not Enough Good Literature Coming Out

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Write as Well as Read . .  Most people on here have lived a few years to have the knowledge. Well . . I guess this is not a 'plug' unless I were to leave search information which I'm not. For me there is not enough of three types of fiction: {1} historically set without flamboyance and exaggeration; {2} ordinary characters with positive values and without ulterior motives; and {3} novels that are real literature that can still entertain. Such books are out there but not enough of them and not often combining what I have just described. I chose to write and publish my own and suggest other retired folks do the same. It is more fun than reading. For myself, the goal was books with ordinary characters like the people in my life who face extraordinary situations as in the era I place them 1846-1946, the Mexican War to the end of World War II. Besides the upheaval encountered in that tumultuous period encompassing the War Between the States, the Spanish American War, the Philippine American War, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the rise of socialism in the Nazi and Communist movements, . .  besides all that, my main heroes and heroines are usually in ethnically mixed marriages just to add the spice to their lives of the social rejection by the bulk of the populace in their era. That detail is inspired by the fact my marriage is mixed_ Filipino/white Southerner. To those of you considering writing, just write about what you know, then verify any historical facts as you edit. As I always say in my promotional material: Quality fiction is imagined reality.
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