Recognized Social Butterfly


 Strange Sights on the Road

While I was driving on a five-lane interstate section near Greensboro, NC, I noticed a sleek sports car just ahead of me: the word whiplash was burnished on the license plate. It was an appropriate designation. The driver whipped between hordes of vehicles in his way, fast and furiously zigzagging along all of the highway lanes until I could no longer see the super-charged car. Just watching the driver’s epic and manic maneuvering almost gave me whiplash.

As I continued on the same stretch of road, I soon witnessed the opposite scenario. A rickety hay-laden pickup truck ahead of me was going about 20 miles per hour next to the fastest lane. He made no effort to move over to the right-hand lanes. As if to justify his interloping, he put on his emergency flasher lights. Go figure! It was rush hour, and frustrated drivers passed (sometimes dangerously so) the offending trucker. When I saw an opening, I safely gunned my car into the fastest lane, relieved that the hare-brained tortoise was now behind me.

This excruciatingly slow driver was as much a menace as the freaky speedy one. I wouldn’t be surprised if one driver’s name was Yin and the other’s was Yang. Life is often filled with extremes. Just consider the unprecedented ultra-partisan political polarization in our country today. Oh, wouldn’t it be refreshing to see more people steer their lives in the middle of the road.

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