The Art Of Procrastination

M. P. Kusen


Each day I make a brand new

list of things that I should do.


But somehow as the day goes

on I accomplish very few.


It’s not because I’m lazy,

I just have trouble getting started.


And it would be a travesty 

to do a job halfhearted.


And, how should I arrange

my tasks — in what priority?


Choosing what comes first

has always puzzled me.


I’d better have a cup of coffee

while I think this through.


Or maybe I’ll just take a walk

yeah, that’s what I should do.


Or maybe I’ll call Harry,

Harry’s always fun.


Cause there’s always tomorrow

for me to get things done!

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I owned a computer school and not knowing that when I went to work that morning a car would run through the wall of the computer lab where I was sitting and change my life for ever because of a spinnal cord damage.  All I can say is "TOMORROW is never promise to none of us--rich or poor."  Live in the NOW.  Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us to place value on today.  Blessings