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                                       Where does the heart go to die

                                      When there is no more life to live?

                                When all your dreams and all your plans

                                           Evaporate down a drain

                                         Leaving you crying in vain

                                      With tears refusing to give up,

                                  And you, not knowing what to do...

                                 Watch all your dreams, turn into dust.


                                 Would God but grant me one last wish...

                                         Not for me, but just for you,

                                        To keep you in his tender care

                                   Console and heal and breath new life

                                        Into your heart and tender soul

                                     Awaking your fondest dreams again...

                                       Letting your joy in living begin.

Judith J. Hoff
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I read "One Last Wish".  Life can sometimes have a lot of pain and we want just "One last wish".  God will keep us in His tender care and watch over us all, because He Loves us so much.  Even when we can't trace God's footsteps He is with us.  I found out in my suffering and going through lifes ups and down, the greatest gift we can give ourselves, others and God, is the gift of forgiveness and working on our pain by let offenses go and releasing our pass.  it is not always easy, but doable.  Enjoy life, we are worth it! Dorcas