Recognized Social Butterfly



Yesterday, while I was waiting at a bus stop, I saw a fairly young pockmarked, shabbily dressed woman incessantly and fervidly squeezing one of her butt cheeks as she surged past me. With fierce concentration, she continued this unsavory routine for a couple of blocks until I could no longer see her. Perhaps she merely had a harmless but persistent rash, or perhaps she was trying to exorcise a demon.  In any case, I was so amused and bemused that I almost forgot that my bus was approaching.


After I got on the bus, I sat right behind the bus driver. At the next stop, a thin man in a wheel chair, accompanied by a heavy-set woman caretaker, entered. The passengers across from me in the disabled area had to give up their seats. As they were doing so, the bus driver said: “Sorry about the inconvenience, guys.” I have never before heard such a gracious request in transit; normally bus drivers unapologetically demand that the passengers evacuate their seats at once.


Another thing that astounded me during the bus ride occurred a few minutes later. The disabled man’s helper, who had been good-naturedly standing in front of him, plopped down on his lap. She giggled, and he just grinned and grinned. I congratulated them with a wink.


After I exited the bus, I saw a massively muscled young man cradling a tiny dog. He would then suddenly prance about, jump with one foot against a cement wall, all the while nuzzling his face against the dog’s body. It was an unexpected delight to witness such affectionate, playful choreography.


Just before I reached the gym, a wiry white-bearded middle-aged man raced across the road, barely escaping traffic in both directions. As he strutted past me, he gave me an impish, triumphant smile. I nodded, relieved that he was intact after his reckless sprint.


Finished with my workout, I began walking to the bus stop. On the way, I saw a grim and grimy young man haphazardly trudging towards me. Without any shoelaces for backup, both tongues of his beat-up sneakers were flapping about.  I did a double take, but I don’t think that he noticed my surprised reaction. Just behind him was an elegant young lady wearing a stylish tuxedo gown with the cape luxuriously clinging to her back. Her purposeful stride added to her allure. I felt like complimenting her, but I wisely refrained. Here was a new version of the lady and the tramp.


After the close-by Waikiki gym closed, I had to take the bus to get to another 24/7 fitness center near downtown Honolulu.  At first, I balked at this inconvenience. Now I revel in it. Whether I am on the bus or walking to it from my condo or from the gym, I encounter a host of weirdly wonderful people whom I would have missed had the gym been just a couple of blocks away.


TheBus or bust!



Honored Social Butterfly

Dear schlomo,


'Twas a very entertaining read and a great study on why we should open ourselves up to be "present" in the "now" at all times so as not to miss what is right in front of us. 


Thank you,


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