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New Year’s Resolutions and vows: this time for real, I am not going to do that anymore, I promise. Diets and exercise—I am going to get healthy; give me just one more chance I will change…and the list goes on.

How many times have we tried to change ourselves and simply fell off the wagon? Most of us have tried to fix ourselves countless times.

Why doesn’t transformation work—or does it?  We take time to invest in our personal transformations by reading books about how many days it takes to change habits, praying, crying out to God, and talking to others about our quest to change.  We get excited about our new direction with our family and friends, but why do we keep going back to old habits?

In my weight loss journey, I struggled at times to go back to my old ways and how I thought of myself because it was just easier, familiar, comfortable, and required little effort on my part.

Transformations require a strong belief that one can change old thinking habits and be willing to shift, with God’s help and accountability partners, to a new paradigm of beliefs.

Every living thing comes from a seed. When our beliefs about our life are wrong, our outcome regarding transformation will be wrong. The bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” (Proverb 23:7).

Words are seeds.  Seeds germinate (develop) in our heart.  Seeds need three things to grow: water, correct temperature, and good soil. During the early stages of growth, a seed relies on the food supply stored within the seed to grow.

Let’s look at water as a requirement. Words or seeds as it relate to water is the substance of life. Life cannot exist without water. If we have had negative situations in our life, what thoughts (seeds) are we watering in our mind daily that cause us to feel we can't let go of negative emotions because of what has happened to us.

Let’s consider our behavior: what thoughts are we constantly rehearsing in our mind? Is that thought what we want for our new transformation and will it move us forward in our quest to change? If we don’t want things that are not beneficial to our change to grow, we must release these thoughts.

Now let’s explore a correct temperature (the degree of hotness or coldness) as it relates to the growth of a seed and our words. Are we too hot or too cold?

Sometimes we dive (hot) right into our transformation without any plan of action. Then we tell others what we are going to do to bring about our change. We’re hot, ready to change, but have no real plan in place. If there is no set plan of action, it will cause unnecessary delays in our progress, and likely discourage us to want to quit, and to quit.

Having a cold temperature will also affect change.  What happens when we don’t have a plan of action, and just have seeds (words)? We just believe this time we are going to do it—make the change! Therefore, we soon get tired of the change, our enthusiasm and passion grows cold, and we quit. This temperature is right where our old habits want us—not to fulfill our purpose of a life well deserved.

If we are not hot or cold, how do we reach our goals for change?  Make a plan, write it down, set some realistic goals, and pace yourself so you will not forfeit your transformation. 

In any type of change, we must allow for the unexpected. Our plan of action should always have room for the words ‘SUBJECT TO CHANGE’ and never ‘SUBJECT TO QUIT.’  

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