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a new book(Ophrah bookclub pick) by a non latina author has emerged to great controversal .? Cummins " AMERICAN Dirt" the subject matter deals with a Latina mother and child, immigrants escaping to the united states and thier ordeal. i have not read it YET. Now  the author was suppose to be in ST louis today(i had decided to go)  but her appears was cancelled within 24 hours of her visit  due to protest from Latin authors who contend she can not write about a experience she knows nothing about (it says she did research) and her exposure, being white, is greater than what Latin  authors has received (not sure if any have written on the subject). I personally can say i probably would have not  consider reading the book if not for this attention. so they have inadvertly help her. my question was the book store wrong after being  pressured into cancellation?. have you read any books, seen any movies or done anythng after attentions were brought to it.?do you judge a book by the authors credential first or the content /subject of the book?

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