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Any other authors here?



I am hoping to connect with other authors to share ideas, technical and marketing insights. I did not start writing until age 62 and now have 32 books published. Yep, self-published. These days' it's the only way to go. Anyway, I will be  happy to answer questions or just knock around new ideas.



Marti Talbott, Author of clean romance suitable for ages 14 and up.
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@DoctorMichael wrote:

Did you find a good editor?



It has been my experience you need more than one. Editors are people. They have strengths and weaknesses. The guy I use for first round editing isn't strong enough for final editing but that's not his job. While he finds some of my horrific grammar mistakes his real task is identifying where the wheels come off the cart. Writing part time, around work, and not being fond of having to reread stuff I wrote (tending to read what I meant to write instead of what is there) I end up with some disconnects.


Once I'm all done with major content and technical editing (most of my books are computer books) I tend to go over to ServiceScape where I've managed to locate a couple of "grammar Nazis" for final editing.They really are phenom. Not cheap, but phenom.

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Here's a link to an article about book cover design.  It can give you an informational start.


Finding someone to edit for you can be tricky.  No matter how professional they are, their views are subjective.  Some people go to writers' forums and find others there to help. Some people join local writers groups and the members edit for each other.  In those groups a lot of the people are opinionated and will tell you how you should rewrite your book, even though they are unskilled themselves.


As for editing this gal does editing for a fee.  I seem to have misplaced the link to her website, but here's the email address:.Rachel D Shiloh Farm <>  She's the niece of a person I knew a long time ago.



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Actually, there is a lot of money to be made. Self publishing is not what it used to be. These days, "self" means you do it all, not that you pay someone to publish it. You write the book, pay for the cover art, the editor and the formatter, if you can't do it yourself. Amazon has a program called Kindle Direct Publishing that lets authors upload and set the price. Apple, Kobo and B&N have similar programs so my books are available worldwide. My ebooks sell for $4..99 and I make 70% on each sale. Traditional publisher don't pay anything near that much. 


Marketing is the hard part and probably why your friend was unsucessful. Maybe he/she should try again.




Marti Talbott, Author of clean romance suitable for ages 14 and up.
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