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This is on a lighter note.  How can this be a lighter note when it is about the heart? Well let's have a little fun. Have you ever been getting on an airplane…or rather I’ll talk about myself.  It's time for me to sit down and a businessman looks up and sees me coming.  He says to himself, “Oh no. I hope that big lady is not sitting next to me.  This is a four hour flight and I don't feel like being squished.” The man drops his head, but his body language says it all. It turns out I am next to this person.  I politely say, “Excuse me sir.” The person gets up to let me in, and I squeeze between the small rows.  Then because of my size, I find out I need a seat belt extension. Give me a break! The airlines can't get bigger seats and seat belts that fit everyone?  After all, Americans are getting bigger. But I have to put myself in the businessman’s place; what if I was small and someone was coming to squish me.  Would I like it? Instead of becoming angry I must examine my heart first.  

Have you ever gone to a doctor's office where all the seats have arms on them; and you know your hips are not going to fit in that chair. You have to squeeze to sit in the chair, and you get stuck. This seems funny. I went to a pain management appointment and the table in the examining room did not look stable.  This is a true story. The legs looked like they had been cut from four dead trees in the forest; and the table looked like it was higher than 5 feet tall – no joke.  I knew I wasn't putting all of my weight on that. When the man came in to examine me, he said “Miss Chandler can you get up on that table?” “Give me a break.”  The man had to be out of his mind.  I wasn't getting on a table that seemed like it was going to fall at any time. I knew if I put all my weight on that table, not only would I be on the floor, but the table would have been crushed.

Have you walked through a restaurant and the people look at you like you're coming to eat their dinner?  Oh man it's funny.  We have to make lemonade out of lemons. We can't change people. We have to change ourselves and our perspective and know who we are. One time when I was living in California my niece and I went in a restaurant.  Both of us were overweight.  I knew the people thought we were in the wrong place.  I think they thought we missed our exit that said, “Free membership at the gym.”  The people were staring and dropped their heads at the same time.  My niece was so confident in who she was, and she shouted out, “Hello how are you?” If you could have seen their faces.  We cracked up laughing.  It is a matter of the heart.  Sometimes people act like fat people or overweight people don't need to eat.   ‘Give me a break.’

Here is a good one. You go in the store that only sells small clothes, and they are wondering what you’re doing in there. They don't realize that maybe you're shopping for someone else, or you have visions and dreams to become smaller. It is a matter of the heart, don’t be mad.

Last one.  Have you ever been on a job interview and you sit next to skinny Winnie.  You can type and she can't; but not only do you bring skills, but you bring extra pounds.  Who do you think gets the job? The person who looks the best, in most cases, will get the job. You go home, look in the refrigerator and find a friend called food. Food never lets us down and doesn't judge us. It's so easy to consume it because it comforts our love pains.

This may sound funny, but it is serious. The pain is real when all of these things continue to pile up in our minds. Every one of these situations has happened to me.  We may be laughing on the outside, but on the inside we are hurt. Sometimes the person hurting us is the one next to us: the husband/wife who no longer accepts us because we've gained weight; the children who laugh at us at school; the doctor with the cold touch;  the waiter who looks at us hoping we do not break the seat; the person on the plane who thinks you just ate 12 eggs before you got on; the pastor who preaches about fat people; or the neighbor who peeks out the window to see what you have on; When our heart is hurting, what do we do? We seek comfort.  We know that we don't fit in so our HEART begins to leak toxic blood into our body, causing our emotions to rule our appetites for food.

All of the above situations are no excuse for us to remain being unhealthy.  Some people are cruel or insensitive to our plight and struggle.  But I can still choose to be all I can be, and that positive attitude from my heart is contagious. I examine my own heart to see if I am doing all I can do to live a healthy life. This time my life will not be for the people that are laughing at me, but for me. Their laughter and rejection has caused me to re-think my life.  I choose to move forward and remove the toxic blood from my heart - and become healthy.  This time is for ME! Need support, simply be “light on your feet-push your foot up against mine” because together we develop a perfect heart of HEALTH and remember; don't forget to laugh!

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