why you won't find the part time job you want

Read through this message board and find people who have been searching months or years for work.  It should finally dawn on us that the "jobs" that previously were available no longer exist and won't be coming back.  One example: there was previously a job called "secretary."  Now, I have software that types what I say so I don't need anyone to do any typing for me.

The point is, stop looking for something that does not exist. You won't get hired to do what you already know how to do because if it's from 5+ years ago, it's likely outdated. if you want to make money, you need to offer what people WANT to pay for, not what YOU want to get paid for.

That means you may need to learn something new and no one will teach you. If you are not committed to SELF LEARNING (i.e. reading books, getting on the Internet and researching), then forget making money in the modern age. If you want to know things like how to make money blogging, as an example, it's ALL on the Internet, FREE.  But, you must do the work and LEARN.

More on this here:

Hopefully, this helps some readers direct their attention to where the profit can be found and avoid wasting any more time looking for a "job."
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