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Needed: A shove in the right direction

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Needed: A shove in the right direction


My investments have taken a nose dive a couple of times in the past year, and I feel that I need to go back to work.


Problem 1: I don't want to; I like being retired. But my fear is that I should do something and fairly soon.


Problem 2:  I can't seem to focus on what I'm qualified for, aside from accounting which was my old career. (My memory is not what it was and I have dyslexia, so while I handled it well for years, I don't do as well now.) I don't want to go back to stress filled days. I've been happily retired for 5 years.


Remote work is an appealing idea.


Problem 3: I've created a new resume but I'm having trouble downloading it to different job sites. If I can't do that, how am I to convince any employer that I'd be the right fit for their posted position?


I've never been in this predicament before and realize that I need help to move forward. I need direction!


Sir Granny Tracy
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@TracyofCotuit Many of our members reach out to us for this very reason which is why we created a job board where employers all over the country have posted opportunities for experienced workers. You can start your search at: 

We also have a dedicated web page filled with resources and tips related to work at

AARP Resume Advisor is a professional resume writing service powered by TopResume.

If you have an AARP online account, you can request a free confidential review from a resume expert and receive a discount on a professionally written resume from TopResume. If you are an AARP member, you get an even deeper discount. If you'd like to check it out, I invite you to get started with AARP Resume Advisor by visiting I wish you the best of luck on your career journey! 

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