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Hi Everyone!  My name is Linda, I live in Maryland.   My husband died in 2014, so it has been sort of differcult.   I recently retired not by choice, either that or get terminated.   I work for the Federal Government for 29 years as a Occupational Health Service Consultant/HR.    I am now looking for something that I can work from home or maybe part-time.  To help with my income.



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Hi @LindaB433149,


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Here are a few of our articles that give some suggestions for part-time and/or work from home jobs for some ideas:


We have a jobs board you can check out here: 


Also, check out our Work & Jobs forum here: for discussions that might be helpful to you and a good place to ask other questions.


Good luck!



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I see hundreds of posts with retirees looking for work at home jobs.  I would like to see a post or two from someone who is actually working from home after retirement.  


Is there anyone out there who has a job (where they are paid, not volunteer work) where they work from home?  I am not looking for one but it seems like one of the biggest requests being posted and I just wondered how much of a realistic idea this really is.




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Customer service jobs will work for you. Although I was a CIO, I was able to work from home since I had full access via the internet and contacts at each of our locations to do any onsite work. There are many customer service jobs that allow you to work from home. Just contact all the companies that have customer service numbers. I know that Xfinity and many others let you work from home. I would start there and othes like Amazon and other large online retailers.

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