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Question How do you determine if your small business idea is a good one?   Answer Many successful small business owners simply had an idea they believed in and took that leap of faith and "just did it". But as someone aspiring to become an entrepreneur and not sure if your idea is a good one or not, there are some things you might want to ask yourself about your product or service: Who will you sell your product to—essentially, who's your audience? Who's your competition—is there another product similar and how will yours be different? What problem or need are you solving? How will your product/service help make someone's life easier or simpler? How will you market the item? How will you measure success? These are a few things to consider as you think of your business idea.
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AARP Coronavirus Call-in Event

AARP will host a weekly, live Coronavirus Information Tele-Town Hall on Thursdays at 1 pm (ET). Learn more on AARP's Coronavirus Tele-Town Hall page and join us each week for the latest information.

Calling is toll-free. During the 90-minute live event, government experts will answer your questions and address health concerns related to COVID-19.

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