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St. Louis is in need of a boatload of employees

Hey.  I saw on the news here in St. Louis that St. Louis is one of the cities that is facing mass shortages of employees at restaurants, lawn care, hauling trash, etc.  St. Louis Bread Co. on Clayton Road is sadly out of commision and I think they are too short on staff to keep the place open.  St. Louis Bread Co. is a division of Panera Bread Co.  So for all of the AARP members, your talent is well needed.  This is an emergency!  St. Louis Lawn Care I saw on the news says that they have plenty of work but is way short on employees.  Many urgent care facilities are also way short.  So short, they had to temporarily close.  Lawn mowing companies have equipment that are designed to handle people like us.  Your talent can be really useful.  It would help them reopen the branches that had to temporally close.  Those Call-a-Ride vans could use a few extra passengers.  These places I have mentioned need your help right now.  



Here is the link to St. Louis Lawn Care Inc.


Total Access Urgent Care's website


Panera Bread Co.

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