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South county connector petition needs more signatures for work


South county connector petition needs more signatures for work

To date, the petition signature count stands at 52.  And I don't want to see any people ignore this petition.  Since I did say Kaldi's Coffee is in need of some help, this bus would come in handy.  If the line opens, and some of us apply for jobs after the age of 55, they would have no choice but to say yes because this bus would be there.  Thanks to the South County Connector, if the line does open, it would be a good way to lure places like Kaldi's Coffee or any places of employment in Kirkwood into hire anyone over the age of 50.  That is because the route would be picking up a lot of AARP members like in Affton, and in Mehlville and take them into Kirkwood!  For those who did sign, thank you.  And for those who haven't, signing this is like making Metro offer service to all of us including those over the age of 50.  So, for those who haven't, lets sign this and maybe for those who wants a job, we can do it!

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