South county connector bus is a link to various job openings! Please sign the petition

Please, I do want you to sign this petition.  Signing this petition is like making it harder for the HR staff to say "NO" to your wanting to work for the company.  With the South County Connector, it will be the link to Kirkwood, and with a 2nd bus transfer at the Ballas Transit Center, you can even have a job in Creve Coeur, MO!  The route would be the link to job openings at Starbucks, Kaldi's Coffee, Mercy, Walgreen's, Global Foods, etc.  We need an additional 91 signatures on this route.  If we get enough signatures, Metro could get the line opened around the end of February.  We may have missed the chances of having it opened on November 30th, but if we all sign it, we can get Metro to build it, and open it so we can land jobs in Oakville, Affton, Kirkwood, and Creve Coeur!  So please, if we really want to get the HR staff to say "Yes" to hiring us older people, lets sign this petition!

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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