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Recommendations for finding meaningful business or employment


Recommendations for finding meaningful business or employment

I am looking for people that have been affected by ageism and age bias in their jobs where they may been part of a layoff, Then could not get back to a job and pay scale that could pay the bills.. and then somehow figured out how to move forward! Get that job or start a business etc..

My story, I have been through spouse with alcohol addiction, chidden with autism, and unemployed and find that spouse has a brain tumor, loss everything including a house, rebuild only to be layoff at 57 years old. For the past 3 years I have been way under employed, min wage 40 hours per week no benefits, no health, life ins etc..)   at age 61 I find myself barley serving. Although I don’t feel old and feel that I have so much work and life experience to offer that someone out there must need a good employee. I keep hearing the same old lines like, we know you can do the job, but we are not sure if you will fit into our culture!” Like any human, I have lost all self-confidence, and as hard as it is to keep my head up the bill collectors continue their calls!

Is there anyone out there that has been in a similar situation and through their own brains figured out how to beat the odds and get a decent paying job, or just said, I am starting a business?

Can you share your story specially around getting your head tighter and figuring out what you want to do?  At 61 I do not want to retire, and as stated, can’t afford it. I know I need the inertia to get my head tighter ad my butt fired up, but after getting bet-up nothing there!

Any opinions are apricated.

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Condolences for all your losses and struggles {{{HUGS}}}

I wish you luck in your search May God bless you and fulfill your needs

I have dealt with issues because haven't worked in 10+ years 

I'd like to offer a suggestion that you retitle your Topic to "Asking for Help & Recommendations " or such may possibly get a better response Way your title reads to me sounds like your offering Recommendations but could just be me just my thoughts 

Good luck Keep holding your head up.... You've been in a dark cloud but soon a Rainbow 🌈 will appear with many blessings Keep fighting the good fight & I hope our community will share & offer many great insights & thoughts for you 

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Ginger  : ) 

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