Re: Losing my eyesight which means I'm losing my business

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Thank you for your very succinct words.

Faith...frankness...fortitude will be my mantra moving forward.



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Re: Losing my eyesight which means I'm losing my business

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No-one works with your or for you if I understand correctly? No-one you have mentored?


If that is the case, you will need to talk to your clients and let them understand the barriers you now face. If you just explain the situation they will certainly understand and perhaps enquire how soon they need to move on. (This last sentence sounds so harsh and I don't mean it to, but the sooner you tell them, the better I feel for you and them.)

Please keep us posted on how you progress and I wish you the best!

Sir Granny Tracy
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Losing my eyesight which means I'm losing my business

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I  have loved my job/career in which I've been thriving for over 40+ years.

My vision is rapidly going (yes...I'm under doctor's care and taking measures to stop the loss, but it is happening), and my ability to function in my job is waning.  My profession requires lots of research/reading, and meticulous typing skills.  

I used to have assistans, but they have left on their own life paths.

And here I am, at the cusp of retirement, NOT wanting to shut down my business completely, but unable to keep pushing the boulder up the hill.

Any suggestions on how I 1) communicate with my existing clients to let them know I'm struggling to do the simplest of tasks and their requests of my time may require a longer amount of time to accomplish; 2) I slowly shut down my business;  3) I sell my business (and grieve at the loss of a profession I've loved.)


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