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Lawn Care Equipment makers making things easier for seniors


Lawn Care Equipment makers making things easier for seniors

Most lawn care companies hire teenagers or college kids.  But when I was walking the Grant's trail, by the time I got down to south of Gravois, I heard a lawn mower and when it came into my view and what I saw was not a teenager or a college kid working the machine, but a Vietnam veteran working the mower!  I think at one time I saw evidence on how professional lawn care machines are built and that they are now making them easier for someone over the age of 50 to operate.  Which is wonderful.  The makers of these machines have lowered the step that you step on to climb into the seat, and they made the step and controls much easier for us to handle on a professional walk-behind mower.  The companies are making it harder for the professional lawn care companies to turn away senior citizens that want to work for them.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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