💼 Job Vacancies & Job Hunting Thread!

Anyone have a job INTERVIEW or FOUND a job? Any JOB HUNTING tips to share with us? 🤔


(1) IF you are still working, are there any "vacancies" at your company?


If YES, can you tell us about them and how would we apply?


(2) IF you are looking for a job, tell us what you are looking for?


Maybe the places and websites you have visited.


Hang in there, looking for a job is a job in itself! NEVER give up...


(3) For those who found their DREAM JOB, we would luv to hear from you too!


What is your dream job and how did you find it?


And for those like me who want a dream job, tell us what that is for you.


Lol, me - a job with FREE housing. 🙄


STOP BY when you can to "read" what OTHER members have posted!


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Nicole 💼 (Work & Jobs Forum)


I think Linked In has the most quality job leads but can be a bit intimidating to get yourself set up on. It is worth the effort if you are looking for a career position because it is more than just job boards, it is a networking platform where you can connect with coworkers from past jobs that might be able to help you in your new search. There are also free courses on a million business, career and personal development topics. I have gotten some quality interest in my skills since taking the time to create my profile and network with a few colleagues of old. Give it a try.

For less intimidating but full of info and good job leads is Glassdoor. You can research companies, positions, salaries, you name it you can probably find something on it on Glassdoor.

Those would be my two top picks for job sites. Just keep trying, that right job is out there!


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