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Is there a safe career path I should take until retirement age?

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Is there a safe career path I should take until retirement age?

I'm going to be 60 soon! I can't believe it. Being that none of my jobs have lasted more than 3 years I am wondering if anyone could give me a career path I should take for the next 10 years until retirement age. I'm not sure if I will be married or single and I have to be able to live on my own.  My background is in digital design. I guess I was not that good in it for none of the jobs to have lasted. Don't get me wrong, I would love to stay in it if I could. But I'm looking for realistic options.

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What did you like about your job?  What did you hate? 


Are you on LinkedIn?  It can have some good groups and resources for job hunts.  


I don't really know what skillset digital designers need, but if coding was involved, have you looked at programming in python?  Or making data visualization in something like Tableau?  Those are skills a lot of places need right now. 


Social media specialists are a big field right now (well, before COVID weirdness).  

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Good suggestions.  However, my problem is that I am going to be 60. Maybe I am creating my own barrier of age discrimination? I don't know. I doubt it.


1: I would love to be a social media specialist. However, I need to catch up on skills even thought I have probably been using social media longer than many social media specialists out there. Having said that, isn't social media a younger person's field? An I am sure young women dominate the field. Are business going to hire a man approaching 60 as their social media expert?  


2: I have some experience in coding html and css. I started to take online courses two years ago to get all the skills down but I never completed it. I wish I had. Do I continue? It's up to me!


3: I have been on LinkedIn for years. So far, eh... nothing really came of it. 

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